What I’m Not Buying

I truthfully don’t even know if this is considered Too Faced’s “newest” release because I honestly cannot (and do not want to) match their insane release plan. Nonetheless, Glitter Bomb is a reasonably new Too Faced release. And I will not be buying. I’m sure if you look through my anti-haul blogs, the majority are apt to be about Too Faced palettes.

And that’s because Too Faced has been cranking out releases like crazy. And with each new release, the packaging and gimmick has increased and the quality has significantly declined. Too Faced was never the best brand, but there is a time period where I would get really excited to see what they might turn out with next, and I thought their produces were very good usually.

  1. Getting Dress
  2. Facility Rentals
  3. Puffiness (including eye bags)
  4. It raises your perceived position among your peers

Now, Experienced is easily one of my least favorite brands Too. I own 5 depotted shadows from the Chocolate Bon Bons palette, and that’s it. And predicated on the real way they have been heading, it doesn’t appear to be I am buying anything from them anytime soon. To be completely honest, when Glitter Bomb was announced, I just didn’t even caution. I understood I was’t going to buy it, and it didn’t even tempt me a bit. And what’s funny about this is that the idea of it will excite me.

If you’ve read some of articles about my recent every week and weekend appears, you’ll know that I have been absolutely crazy for indie shadows, especially the ones that pack a metallic or glitter punch. I absolutely loathe glitter fallout, which is a constant nervous about glitter shadows, but nonetheless. The very notion of a glitter-fused palette should excite me. But from Faced Too, it doesn’t.

The way this palette is meant to work is that you apply either the white or black foundation shadows on the ends of the palette and then apply the glitter at the top. I would also image that the Too Faced Glitter Glue would be required for these shadows to work, but a small sample of it isn’t included with the palette.

And you better believe that Too Faced knows this as well. I normally find Encountered product packaging a touch too kitschy and juvenile for me Too, but my internal girly woman cannot help but love the Las Vegas marquis nature of this packaging. But this is what Too Faced does. They consider what kind of packaging will lure people in, and they put all their efforts into that. As well as for the life span of me I will never understand why they don’t really instead apply everything work in to the formula and making sure that the merchandise is amazing.

The thing that basically doesn’t work for me about this palette is the general idea. 45 palette, which is not cheap already, and it still requires a glitter glue or primer at least to make it work. You can read that post here. As you can see, on their own, without one of the bases or a primer or glitter glue, these swatches are pretty mediocre. And, here’s finished .. I have seen swatches of the palette over glitter glue and over bases.

I’ve seen unrealistic swatches where in fact the product is packed to make it look as good as humanly possible. And even then, they look just okay. Exactly like normal shadows which i need not apply more than a base and use with a sticky primer. 20 for glitter glue, have to utilize bottom colors and glitter top coats, all to attain a look that I could manage applying one Makeup Geek foiled shadow. Or achieve a look that is less exquisite than something I can get with an indie shadow.

I do not own the above palettes, but they were each something that intrigued me for a while and are items I considered purchasing. And the reason why I didn’t purchase any of them is basically because I curently have something suitable in my own collection. In my anti-haul post on the Urban Decay Afterdark palette, I went through each and every shadow in that palette and demonstrated an exact (or close) duplicate that I had in my collection. I simply have all of these colors elsewhere in my collection, and I can guarantee that they are better quality than those in the Glitter Bomb palette.