This Job Was No Exception Regrettably

I’ve been planning for a garden over the last couple of months that has made me quite excited. The house itself is quite contemporary, and in a great setting. Its flanked using one part by 2 magnificent verdant green fig trees and shrubs, and on the other hand by amazing views over Beechwood Golf Course and out to sea. Its near to the existing house next door quite, which makes for a fascinating challenge in endeavoring to soften the views from both edges whilst not creating too much shade. The dog owner and the architect experienced some very nice ideas, which offered quite strong direction as to what your garden should eventually appear to be.

They wanted to create an almost minimalist, oriental feel with grasses and rock. After several concepts, we settled on a simple approach to the design, which would require some very large rocks, which would subsequently compliment the natural stone that is used as a strong design element in the house. Our first step was to remove the alien vegetation on site, which would open up the views from the house also. This would also create more space for the primary rock garden area. Using the original concept sketches, I finalized the design and worked out the position and rough size of the rocks that people would need for the space.

To get a much better feel for the size of the rocks, I drew the site on Sketchup and shifted the stones around to find the best position, shape, and size. I needed to also plan the position of the rocks across the possibility of adding some decking into the design at a later stage.

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The drawings and sketches are more of a guideline to use when the choosing the stones, because it’s rather easy to be overwhelmed by how big is the rocks if you are looking at them independently in a quarry. The tendency is to choose smaller stones when you’re taking a look at the rocks by themselves.

I went into the quarry armed with my sketches showing the designs and measurements of the rocks that I needed. I took photographs and numbered each rock and roll according to the position it was going to fill. Even with all the planning there are always a few slight hiccups. Unfortunately this job was no exception. The crane company I had developed hired to go on the rocks got cold feet the day prior to the rocks were due to reach. They were anxious because there was no way that people could know (and plan for) the weight of the rocks until they had been weighed on the weigh-bridge and were on the way to the site.

I had been given numbers of anything from 1-7 tonnes per rock. True to their word, morning the 55-tonne crane attained 7h30 another. Eventually, at 14h30 the first load arrived, as the clouds started to roll in just. We worked quickly understanding that a storm was approaching, and that we had just a few more hours of light to get the remaining 16 tonnes of stone onto the site.

We completed the first load as the lightning began to strike all around us. The very cold rain started soon after, that was the precursor to the large hailstones that implementing just. It seemed like everything that will make our work harder, would happen. Fortunately, as is the norm with storms like this in Durban, it didn’t last long.

3 long hours later, the next load arrived – just 25 minutes prior to the cut-off time that Devan (the very capable rigger in charge) had put in place. Using the light fading, and the dangerous potential customer of positioning 3-tonne rocks in place in the dark, looming quickly, we tried to work fast. But before it was known by us, the light was gone, and we were literally positioning rocks by lamplight.

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