Their Menu Is Sushi Centered Predominantly

Itacho Sushi is one of the more recent international-sushi-chain-stores to create shop in Singapore. What’s interesting is that this chain doesn’t originate from Japan, but instead has its’ origins in Hong Kong where it has over twelve stores. Their menu is sushi centered mainly, and is traditional than creative rather.

That’s fine, though, as as the fish is fresh and the riceball is good long. We’ll soon find out! Starting with the Oo Toro (fatty tuna at SGD7.50 per piece), which occurs red and nicely marbled, sitting on a nicely-sized rice ball. And by size After all relatively small properly, that i like. I’ll never understand why many sushi places around prefer to serve huge two-and-a-half mouthful rice balls.

If anything, from a business decision shouldn’t the grain ball be small so that customers do not get full so quickly and order more? The Salmon Lobster Salad Roll (SGD3.60 per plate) was nice as well, the cooked lobster imparting a good crunchy texture to the sushi. Spicy Sakura Inari (SGD1.90 each) and Salmon (SGD1.20 each) Sushi. The Inari sushi was interesting – emerged wrapped in a juicy Inari (deep-fried beancurd skin) and topped with spicy tuna salad, Tobiko (soaring fish roe) and deep deep-fried baby shrimp. Interestingly enough, Inarizushi is also often called おいなりさん (o inari san), which is the name of the Japanese Shinto Deity evidently.

Our last sushi dish, the Swordfish Sushi (SGD3.50 each) was not to our liking. The fish itself was very “wet” and somewhat tasteless when chewed. Type of such as a flavorless, tougher butter seafood. Would not order Swordfish again. Deep Fried Gyoza with Curry Salt (SGD2.40). Sprinkling of the curry sodium gave it an interesting spin, and being deep fried, the gyoza skin was a lot crispier than regular gyoza’s. Whole Sea Eel Sushi (SGD6.50).

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If you’ve never eaten sea eel (Anago), it tastes very similar to freshwater eel (Unagi), but has a less firm structure – bordering on mushy. Itacho’s version comes perched on a rice ball, and lightly brushed with kabayaki sauce relatively. Overall, we found the sushi to be above average, and pricing to be pretty acceptable affordability. However, the restaurant ‘s popularity does long, snaking queues at peak times. Itacho Sushi has four outlets in Singapore – Ion Orchard, Plaza Singapura, Bugis Changi and Junction Airport Terminal 3. Non halal.

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