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This morning these pictures captured my eye. These were on Peter Reynolds Facebook web page. I wanted to know more about what Peter had created so I went to the FableVision Learning Live Wire Blog. Day Fun In the post Dot! I then went to the colAR App webpage to learn watching more on how on this application works.

On this website you can get “Free Pages” and “More Pages” to color and use with the app. This is where you can also get the special web page they created for Dot Day. I printed it off at home and copied it at school for the youngsters to try out in the library today. I used to be so excited showing them the YouTube video that could clarify the how to make an animated coloring sheet too.

Now they really couldn’t wait to make 3D pictures too! Day coloring sheet plus they set off to produce I offered all of them the special colAR Dot. Day They used markers and crayons to generate beautiful drawings to commemorate Dot. Then they used my iPad and iPhone (that i downloaded the free colAR Mix app onto both) to scan their drawing. They investigated the buttons within the app as they used it too.

They were connected and couldn’t wait to add this app onto their iPads. CLICK on the picture above to see Chaney’s beautiful artwork become more active! CLICK on the picture above to watch Casey and the 3D drawing he created to celebrate the Van Meter Football Teams first game tonight. The 4th graders did a terrific job taking changes with the iPhone and iPad. In addition they loved watching on with everyone so they could observe how their dots looked too. They have asked to do more when they keep coming back next time already. Week so everyone can see them whenever we discuss We use our Apple TV next.

Our staff did an incredible job communicating the change with press, users, and partners-even shifting a huge cover tale that visited print just hours following the change was made by us. We clearly, told everyone about the change quickly, and we emphasized that people were postponing so we could offer members the best experience possible. People were understanding about the hold off and excited about the starting to come. Have we reset new starting dates? Night time on June 2 within First Friday activities We’ll host an Abbott Square Preview.

When the Market gets its Certificate of Occupancy, we will work with the marketplace management to determine how weeks of training and soft opening they have to open successfully. We’ll start gentle opening our new programming in the plaza during this time period too. We’ll arranged new grand opening dates predicated on soft starting needs and fire up our events plan with a few tweaks. Please discuss your questions or comments! If you are reading this via email, you can here join the conversation.

For the lender loan, you can get the LO via an approval in principal (AIP) with the banks in Singapore. I can do the AIP for you with the lender also. Just contact me and I’ll guide you along. BTO Tip: If you’re looking out for a BTO soon, you can sign up to a free alert service by HDB here. For HDB resale, the buying process is between you and owner of the HDB. A property agent may be involved along the way with a statutory law firm compulsory to perform the transactions. 1. Before purchasing a resale level, check how much loan you are eligible for.

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You can employ the services of a home loan broker or approach the banking institutions for assistance. 2. Do an authorization in principal (AIP) with the bank before you signal the option to purchase (OTP) with owner. Most AIP are valid for 1 month. 4. You have only 14 days to choose whether to exercise the OTP to choose the property before it expires.

Your LO for the loan must be out within this 2 weeks. In the event that you already previously do an AIP, then you don’t have to worry concerning this. 8. Before second visit with HDB, you should proceed to law firm to sign all mortgage documents and pay legal fees, COV. For private properties that are under construction, these are the properties you buy straight from the builder during sales launch.

4. You ought to have LO from the bank for the loan within 3 weeks of S&P time to sign the S&P. 3. You have 2 weeks to decide whether to exercise the OTP to buy the property before it expires. Your LO for the loan must be out within this 2 weeks.