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Constipation is very common after weight loss surgery. Symptoms of constipation are painful bowel motions, difficulty passing feces, and/or when your stool is very difficult. Constipation is times due to narcotic utilization after your operation often. It may also be due to inadequate water intake or insufficient amount of fiber in what you eat.

Remember also the amount of food you are eating is much less and therefore you have a lot less materials to make stool. Therefore your cosmetic surgeons request you to take supplemental dietary fiber such as over the counter Bene-fiber. Weight loss surgery patients need not have a bowel motion daily.

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If you are having bowel movements every 2-4 days, and your stool is soft, brownish, and not difficult to press out, then you are normal. Increase your fluid consumption. This includes water or any other zero-calorie water such as Crystal Light. Fiber. Increase dietary fiber consumption by regularly overtaking the counter fibers supplements such as Benefiber.

You can begin this when you are eating regular food. Colace. This is available over the counter in a suppository or pill form – it should be initially taken once or twice daily, can be taken more frequently if necessary however. Milk of Magnesia. This isn’t to be studied regularly, but may be required occasionally.

Dr. Sears has proven that its about what your body chooses to do with calories – and where you might get calories from if you want energy. They proved the power of this with a finding from Canada… Researchers at Laval University in Quebec compared this fat-burning phenomenon to traditional cardio.

They experienced some poor suckers cycle a grueling 45 minutes without halting. Then they got another group use just one of the brand new PACE principles for brief 90 second bursts. The cardio guys burned as many calories twice, which means you would reckon that they would burn up more fat – Right?

Actually, no. When the researchers measured their body structure, the 90 second guys lost much more fat. So, what do you get from this program? You get an unbelievable way to lose excess weight. Additionally you get a foolproof method to boost the capacity of your lungs, which in turn makes you heart-attack evidence.