Alderon Iron Ore Corp arrived to everyones attention in the province when former premier Danny Williams was called Special Advisor to the Chairman in 2012. A little known company that was another Thompson Consolidated mine all of a sudden. It’s been in the press advocating its need for Muskrat Falls power yet we realize nothing about it. This series will try to answer some of these questions.

It all started with the incorporation of the name Comanche Resources Inc, under the business Act (British Columbia), March 21, 1978. A little significantly less than a season later, February 28,1979, its name was changed more to Shawnee Oil Corporation once. While it was difficult getting any information on both of these names, both reappeared in america in later years – now defunct and registered as inactive foreign for – profit corporations.

On June 11, 1981 the company changed its name just as before – this time to Enfield Resources Inc. Again, very little information was available, and again the same name reappeared in the United States. Enfield Resources Inc was formed in Delaware, May 20, 1986 and appeared in US bankruptcy court on March 10, 1989. If there’s a justification behind this U.S link or it is easy coincidence is anyone’s guess. The story really starts to take life on June 30, 1989 when the ongoing company name is changed once more – Pacific Summa Capital Corp. The records show one Dennis Kozak Director and President, with an office at Suite 411-850 Hastings Street, Vancouver, BC.

It shows up for the very first time as a publicly traded company on the Vancouver Stock Exchange under the mark PSU. The Vancouver Stock Exchange (VSE) was fundamentally the wild, wild west of stock trading in North America. To be clear, this in no real way suggests the companies talked about in this specific article were involved with such activities, but it offers you a sense of the backdrop to this story.

On June 28, 1991 Pacific Summa Capital Corp transformed its name to Pacific Summa Environmental Corp, and issued a share swap of 1 old for one new talk about. It signalled a change in the company’s concentrate as it tried to market two products which it got US patents for: Enviro Hazmate (open fire extinguisher); and Zeomix (material for toxic tidy up).

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The company entered into a special distribution deal for Zeomix which was subsequently cancelled. June 16 On, 1997 the BC Securities Commission submitted a Cease Trade Order against the business due to excellent annual fees. On September 16, 1997, the Securities Commission banned Kovack from trading in the companies stock, because he didn’t file insider’s disclosure documents. Other people of the board at that right time included Gerald Jardine, John Toljanich, and David Van Dyke.

On March 10, 1998, Kovak resigned as President of the company. Day The next, Pacific Summa Evironmental Corp was renamed as Traux Ventures Corp. 10 million dollars from its prior years, had didn’t launch any successful tasks, and left many disappointed traders in its wake. To release Traux the Board of Directors initiated a 30 to 1 1 reverse talk about split. That freed these to launch another talk about offering to recapitalize the company yet. On April 30, 2001 Reza Mohammed took over from Mark Brown.