PRACTICAL With THE BRAND NEW Skype For Business Online Network Assessment Tool

Hope you’re well. That is Ignite week so that as typical there has been a ton of information and new stuff. This is not an Ignite summary post. To begin with, I’m not at Ignite. My view of the content is through the Ignite On Demand site, video Keynotes and from my legion of Twitter fans, this week and live tweeting the majority of which are there.

One thing that captured my attention is the new Skype for Business Network Assessment tool from Microsoft. That is an extremely basic tool that works in either the order prompt or PowerShell with raised privileges. The tool was created to test the network performance in the middle of your laptop/PC and the Skype for Business Online Network Edge.

It assessments for latency, packet reduction and jitter (every one of the things that might make a call using Skype for Business Online horrible). Unzip to your selected listing and you’re ready to run it. Don’t expect a fancy GUI, that one is totally for geeks like me (and also you) and those that know their way around PowerShell or CMD. The items of the zip document include the normal EULA along with two applications, the DLL’s, a config document and a Usage doc.

The Usage doc just lets you know what it can and how to perform it. The config file has some settings information including the Relay IP of the Skype for Business network Edge. The use doc also contains a conclusion of the keys contained in the config file. The evaluation was run by me without changing anything in the config document and you probably should too. In the event that you simply unzip the contents to a folder and run the tool from within the folder you mustn’t need to improve anything anyway. The main one key I questioned was the Relay.IP, which is I had been wondering to see what this is so I do a search to find the Skype for Business Online IP addresses.

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LYO. And sure enough, this IP is part of a variety. A quick check up on the IP tells me it belongs to Microsoft lives and Azure in Redmond. So I left it alone. To run the tool you need to open either the command prompt or PowerShell as administrator. I attempted without elevated privileges and it failed immediately almost.

Browse to the folder you unzipped the documents to and run the file NetworkAssessmentTool.exe. The tool places a artificial call by sending a Tone for 17 seconds. The firmness used is the Tone.wma file. In the event that you play the file it sounds like a dead line tone just. Once the call completes, you can see the results of the decision with numbers against the metrics it checks for. It saves these leads to a file called results also.tsv. The usage doc tells you that the target for these metrics should meet “the released goals for Skype for Business network focuses on right here”. If you wish to compare the full total results against the web site, you can certainly do.

However there is also yet another tool that bank checks for you. This is the ResultsAnalyzer. To run the ResultsAnalyzer.exe software you will need to research the results file also. As you can plainly see, in my own case, I passed. I’m on the wired connection to my broadband router and hooking up over the general public internet.

I avoid Skype for Business Online as my main accounts and, although I do have a Skype for Business Online accounts, I didn’t change accounts for the test. I thought I’d be smart and transformed the relay IP to my company’s access Edge IP and it failed immediately and gave the following errors. ERROR: Didn’t establish reference to remote endpoint. ERROR: Check that the relay is configured correctly in your config file. If you try the Utilization doc can be an exemplory case of these mistakes in section 6 there.5 for Connectivity Errors. I assume that the application is only designed only to talk to the Skype for Business Online network Edge somehow.

Not to be concerned though, should you choose want to check on connectivity to your own deployment, whether on-premises or Online you may use the Connectivity analyzer still. James Cussen, Office Servers and Services MVP aka @MyLyncLab and creator of a few of the most useful tools for Lync and Skype for Business has a new tool. That is a GUI for the Network Assessment Tool. Called Network Assessor for Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams. Take a look here. You are hoped by me found this useful. Thank you for reading. If this or any other post has been beneficial to you please take the time to share.

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