Physical Work Environment In Hospitals Affects Nurses’ Job Satisfaction

Now, a fresh research conducted by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s RN Work Project finds that a physical work place that facilitates RNs’ efficiency, teamwork, and interprofessional communication relates to higher job satisfaction. Maja Djukic, PhD, RN, associate professor at the faculty of Nursing, New York University, led the study team.

The research team conducted a nationwide survey of RNs to look at the partnership between RNs’ physical work place and job satisfaction. They found that RNs who offered their physical work environments higher ratings were also more likely to survey better workgroup cohesion, nurse-physician relations, workload, and other factors associated with job satisfaction.

The team was also led by Christine Kovner, PhD, RN, FAAN, professor at the College of Nursing, New York University, and Carol Brewer, PhD, RN, FAAN, professor at the School of Nursing, University at Buffalo. The experts assessed job satisfaction in conditions of procedural justice, autonomy, nurse-physician interactions, distributive justice, opportunities for promotion, workgroup cohesion, and variety in one’s job. Physical environment was evaluated based on the architectural, ambient, and design features of the workspace, including crowdedness, ventilation, lighting, set up of furniture, decorations and colors, aesthetic appearance, and the need for remodeling.

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