My Five-point Plan To Make A Mark At World Cup

Top class players only get you up to now during a competition as demanding as the World Cup. Behind the moments, England’s management team will be toiling away to be able to get their aspect in the best possible shape to give them a go at glory in Russia. Here, Sportsmail’s BRYAN ROBSON, who captained England at the World Cup in 1986 and 1990, highlights the tools England need to be successful in Russia.

All players need to be well drilled on the team’s strategies and development requirements. At Euro 2016, we didn’t employ a good plan against Iceland. They possession allowed us, then dominated arranged parts and picked up the next ball. We didn’t respond to an obvious tactic and this time we must be better prepared. To achieve whatever you need game intelligence. England must be armed with a plan so everyone knows their responsibility. Should the game change, substitutes must know their functions.

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As in 1990 and ’96 we are favouring three at the trunk. If they have to adapt to four, then it’s important such a change is fluid and we don’t lose momentum. What I love is Gareth using players which have a sharpened interchange of moving, like Marcus Rashford, Dele Alli and Raheem Sterling, making our attacking play brighter and unpredictable for the opposition. A casino game plan is no use without teamwork. Whether you press or fall off, it’s important that you take action together.

It’s no good a centre forwards closing down a defender if another man doesn’t push in behind to take off a pass. Likewise if we drop off and need to keep the ball, we do it as a device. Away from the pitch, it’s crucial the players do things together to help form a strong bond.

Whether it’s playing cards – at Manchester United even Sir Alex Ferguson would join in – or having a laugh viewing a film. Gareth might allow a little of golf to increase competitive spirit or even a quiz. Little things can help enhance the dynamics of the group. Getting a fit squad and avoiding injuries is a large facet of a tournament.

Fitness levels can help you to get a past due goal – or conversely, make you away give one. We have a young squad and most of the players have plenty and pace of energy. Premier League players do have a far more arduous season than players from Spain, for example, but we mustn’t let that argument creep directly into our mentality.