Marketing Automation Guide For SMALL ENTERPRISES

As bloggers and site owners, everybody knows that content is ruler. However, with over the billion energetic sites on the internet today, content will only get you so far. The simple truth is, content is just the tip of the iceberg, while the remaining structure is made up of the engagement, marketing, and management of the individuals and data accessing your site.

No matter what type of website, blog or e-commerce site you may be running online, these same rules apply. However, at the same time there has been a massive influx of management and tracking solutions flooding industry. While it’s great to have the ability to track every aspect of your website and ad campaigns, it’s could be very overwhelming at the same time – not to mention how quickly it can add up in costs as well.

A good example of this would be if you were to breakdown the many components of a successful web business today. Here’s what you would need likely. WordPress – Platform for managing and creating your content. Web Hosting – Storing your site information online for others to gain access to. List Hosting – Collecting and building a contact publication for your site.

Subscription Forms – Tracking and management of membership forms. Tracking Tools – Visitor and conversion monitoring on your site. Ad Networks – Monetization flows and tracking incoming/outgoing money. As you can see, there are many different components at play for almost any active site on the internet. The focus is no more on just creating content and getting it to rank in the search results. Now it’s about creating content, ranking and knowing what users are doing while these are on your site and doing whatever you can to convert them into paying subscribers.

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  • 3: Tracking Ability

Again, taking a look at the list above we can also imagine what type of regular operating costs one might incur by having to work with all of these different components. 10 per month for a simple site. 500 per month in management costs. There needs to be a better way. To kick things off, let’s first have a look at a brief video and see everything in action.

I could write text message about this all day, but nothing delivers a message and concept better than video. After viewing the video above, you shall have seen the pure power that is situated within GetResponse’s new marketing automation solution. Now let’s cover a few of the main element features built within the platform and ways to start using these to increase conversions and ROI by yourself sites. As stated at the beginning of this article, there are more than a billion energetic sites on the internet – that means there is a entire world of competition that you should try and compete keenly against.

The better the management and tracking tools you have set up, the better you are to stand against the competition. However, as mentioned at the beginning of the article also, there are of solutions to choose from plenty. To best highlight what GetResponse currently provides, let’s cover three of the most crucial areas that site owners and online businesses need to be focusing on – customers, shopping and traffic cart abandonment. The old way of article marketing and conducting business online was to simply create as much content as you could and look at the ad costs/profit numbers.