How To Put In Ubuntu On A CHUWI HI13

I’ve at all times dreamed to have an ubuntu-pill. Chuwi promises official help for Ubuntu for this machine. I ordered mine by Chuwi QH retailer. Finally, after some issues with declaration by DHL, it arrives! What a nice machine: very premium-really feel aluminium end. So I couldn’t wait to put in ubuntu on it.

Made an ubuntu USB-reside-stick, and inserted it. I googled and research for hours and hours, and now I’ve Ubuntu for Gnome successfully installed on the Chuwi HI13. Nearly every part is understanding-of-the-box, besides grub. It’s important to change it by Refind. First we are going to replace the bios of the Chuwi HI13. Because latest version has extra choices besides from USB. Insert your first USB-stick, and duplicate the recordsdata to it, utilizing Rufus.

Now we are going to make a bootable USB-stick with ubuntu. Download Ubuntu for gnome stay ISO. Insert you second USB-stick, and burn the ubuntu iso to it, using Rufus. Open your USB-keep on with home windows file browser. Notice I added a menu entry at the bottom of refind.conf. We’ll need it later.

Oke, your life stick is prepared. Now we’re going to update the bios of your Chuwi HI13. Take your chuwi HI13. Insert your first usb-keep on with bios update. Be certain battery is 50% or extra. Please ensure home windows is correctly shutted down, and never in fastboot mode. Then hit continuously F2 during boot, you will enter the UEFI-BOOT-display. Go to boot, and alter the order so your usb-stick is first. Now you possibly can restart, and can succesfully replace your UEFI-BOOT.

Now we’re going to put in ubuntu. After updating your UEFI-Boot, insert the second USB-stick, and boot once more. Maybe you’ve gotten to go to again the UEFI-BOOT and alter the boot order. Finally you must be able to startup refind in your USB-stick, you get some very small letters, I need my glasses to learn them!

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Now you get a fully working ubuntu from live ISO. Choose install, after choosing language you can login to your WIFI-community, and examine extra repositories. Note that WIFI is wqorking out-of-the-box! Finally, you get a menu with several selections of installation. Now you get an inserted model of gparted diskeditor. Choose the secund ntfs-partition (It’s the home windows C-partotion) and shrink it with about 20 Gb.

Make a brand new partition with EXT4 in this empty space of about 17 Gb, choos “/ “as mount point. Make a secund partition of about 3 Gb, and select: swap memory. I bought myself a sd-card of 128 Gb as my home-partition. It costed me 50 €. After set up, select restart.

But you can not boot into ubuntu, because your ubuntu install used Grub, and grub just isn’t working. But you may boot from life-stick. It wil start Refind, and refind will routinely find your new ubuntu install. So you tablet is absolutely working, however for booting it’s important to insert the usb-life-stick, after boot you can take away it once more. This is not an elegant resolution, however we will fix it! You’ve got so as to add refind to the ESP home windows bootloader. I found out a bit complicated manner in four steps. Hold on for quarter-hour.