How Do I INCREASE A Slow Old Computer Running Windows?

I will disagree with OldGuyGeek somewhat. First, before you switch to Windows 10, do your homework and ensure that your motherboard is compatible with W10. There may be problems with UEFI bios objectives, and W10 may damage old systems. Second, in the event you decide trying to switch to Windows 10. download and install W10 with an offline accounts FIRST, and not a Microsoft account.

You do not need to own (pre-pay) W10 to set up and try. If W10 works on your classic system acceptably, you’ll be able to continue with upgrade costs as you feel appropriate. An SSD will be a very helpful upgrade (such turned my Intel 1.5gHz Celeron notebook into an usable computer actually, though it still runs W7), but unsure about your memory. While W10 would like more than 2Gb storage definitely, I don’t know the type of memory your motherboard requires, but there’s a good chance it wouldn’t be portable to a more recent system. I’ve trouble justifying spending much money on old memory that can’t move forward.

I have no idea if LINUX or Ubuntu is always to your liking, but it does appear that the machine you have is no longer suitable for operating many other operating systems, which is surely why people are recommending you switch. As an inexpensive upgrade path, you might consider an AMD Ryzen 5 2400G processor, as that has built in video support.

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A the least 8Gb of DDR4 memory should be acquired. Obviously 16Gb would better be, but would cost a little more quite. My preference is for Asus motherboards. Probably one or another B450 model, though there may be newer versions I’m unaware of. Other motherboards would surely be appropriate as well, though credited to personal experience, I would avoid ASRock mbs. If you love to switch to an Intel CPU, a more recent I5 shall support six cores, and have built-in video support also.

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