Cash Is Different From Cash Equivalents

Since this can be an investment blog after all, I shall begin with a review of my holdings. As I am an income investor primarily, the craze in dividends received is one sign that I pay attention to. Over time, I noticed that I’ve are more judicious in my own entries, holding period, and exits. I’ve become more more comfortable with the action of taking money off the table.

Realizing capital increases and limiting deficits are not as foreign to me as before. Regarding the latter, it is best to acknowledge my investment errors and protect whatever capital that is remaining rather than bank on hope that things will turn out fine. On a related notice, my perspective has changed as well. Rather than focusing on individual counters, I make an effort to view how every individual counter fits into my overall collection. Dividends received from my SGD-denominated collection in Q1 2018 dropped, year in comparison with the same quarter last. This is mainly due to profit-taking last year.

In contrast, dividends received from my USD-denominated stock portfolio in Q1 2018 rose, when compared to the same one fourth last year. If you go through the y-axis, the dividends are still chump change. I am still cautious and will scale in mere when a much better opportunity occurs. In Q1 2018, I sold off my whole stake in RHT and Vicom Health Trust.

After including dividends, I closed my position in Vicom with a little profit. I have been looking for opportunities to sell Vicom after my newbie mistake of buying it at an elevated valuation. RHT Health Trust is another facepalm-able experience for me. To manage risk, I’ve many positions, with each position size as a function of my knowledge of the business and the chance that this counter plays on my overall stock portfolio.

I have been lulled into complacency, partially because RHT Health Trust is a little position in my portfolio and partly because I assumed it is just Business-as-Usual (BAU). I did so not see the indicators and WHAM, I got hit. I have added valuable metals on multiple occasions throughout the one fourth. My SGD-denominated stock portfolio is overall green owing to my purchase of REITs early on in my investing journey.

Non-REITs, on the other hands, shows pouches of mini unrealized increases and deficits here and there. My USD-denominated profile is overall green owing to Dairy Dairy and Plantation Farm by itself. The consumer staples sector is bleeding, with General Mills exhibiting the largest drop in my portfolio. The marketplace punished it further when General Mills announced its intentions to obtain Blue Buffalo, a pet food company. I have run into Blue Buffalo before and its own financials are good.

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As Blue Buffalo investments at a high valuation and will not spread any dividends, I needed to provide it a miss. The US healthcare REIT sector is also facing multiple headwinds from rising interest rates, changes to American healthcare plan, and patient outflow due to the current flu epidemic. I have achieved what I’ve lay out last August.

20000 physique in January 2018. In light of the present economic view, I intend to top up our crisis fund further to provide ourselves better satisfaction. I had a enjoyable surprise the other day at work. I received my performance bonus and increment letter and the numbers within exceeded my expectations.