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This gives you to increase security — as your QR rules are changing on a regular basis, it creates it harder to duplicate the solution. Now you can also give customers the chance to import your loyalty cards to Google Pay right from Gmail-just by adding some markup to your emails.

When customers open up the Google Pay app, they’ll be shown any commitment credit cards from Gmail they haven’t added to Google Pay. With simply a tap, they can add them all automatically to allow them to gain access to them anytime. This feature happens to be only available with loyalty programs, but we’ll be expanding to other types of passes in the foreseeable future.

We’re working on making Passes open to your users on Google even if they haven’t installed the Google Pay app. We are you start with boarding transit and goes by tickets, plan to expand the same functionality to the other Goes by then. Stay tuned for further. Developer Student Clubs – Connect with be considered a Lead today.

  • An active social media existence builds relationships with your audience
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  • Promote your content through experts and online influencers by mentioning their name in posts
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Deadline prolonged to June 15! This springtime, Creator and Google Pupil Night clubs want for new passionate pupil market leaders from colleges across the globe! Designer Student Night clubs is a planned program with Google Developers. Through in-person meetups, university students are empowered to learn together and use technology to solve real life issues with local businesses and start-ups.

Bridging the distance between theory and request, Google seeks to provide college student designers with the resources, opportunities and the knowledge necessary to be more industry ready. You may be wondering what the advantage of being a Developer Student Club Lead is? Apply to be a Developer Student Club Lead at We’re committed to evolving Coral to make it even simpler to build systems with on-device AI. We is focusing on new product features constantly, and content that helps ML practitioners, engineers, and prototypers create the next generation of hardware. To boost our toolchain, we’re making the Edge TPU Compiler open to users as a downloadable binary.