The Fun App That Motivates ONE TO Get In Shape ON YOUR OWN Timeline

You can use this app to track any type of exercise that you generally measure in mls (walking, running, biking, hiking, or even swimming). The application itself is free, but you do need to pay for each race you participate in. 30 which is cheaper when compared to a great deal of races I’ve signed up for, so that it was thought by me was a great deal. What Is a Virtual Race and exactly how Does It Work?

Each virtual competition is defined in a specific location and requires one to run a specific amount of mls. For instance, the Unicorn Race was a 121.1 path through Scotland because the unicorn is the official animal of Scotland. One fun part of this application is that you can view your progress on the map after every run (I included an image of the Unicorn race route below and that means you can see what the map is like). If you touch on the factors where you’ve finished every individual run, a google image of that accepted put on the map arises.

As soon as you finish your race, you get a prize (either a t-shirt of the medal) shipped to you without you needing to do anything. I first found this app when an advertisement for the unicorn race popped through to the internet. I’ve got a bit of a unicorn obsession since I was a little woman, so as soon as I saw that there is a race that could get me a unicorn t-shirt, I had been excited.

I clicked on the hyperlink to discover when and where this competition was, which was the very first time that I learned all about virtual races. I loved the theory for a couple reasons. I’ve done several races in the past, but I liked the theory that one was 121.1 miles long, because it seemed like a more impressive challenge.

I also love competition t-shirts, and it was thought by me was amazing that I possibly could get a 121.1 mile t-shirt for the same price (or even less than the price of) a 5k t-shirt. OK, and without running it all simultaneously. I figured if I complete 121.1 mls, I’d be happy no matter how long it took. That being said, in my mind I kind of created an unofficial goal of 90 days.

  1. 7 years back from MA
  2. Fat Burning and Toning of the Middle part of the Body
  3. Don’t seem enthusiastic about your workout
  4. 2 Tablespoons Sugar Free Torani Syrup (I used SF Peppermint)
  5. Lower endurance
  6. 1 1/2 cups of any Meat Sauce (I used 1 defrosted package of Trader Joe’s Turkey Bolognese Sauce)
  7. Chips — Salad Dressings
  8. They are high in fiber (which helps maintain you feeling fuller longer)

I figured if I got done in 90 days that would be like running 2 miles a day for five days each week. It seemed doable and practical. Well, what happened after i started this race is that I was so excited to get my t-shirt that I not only increased the quantity of days I was running, but I also too increased my mileage. From the right time I finished, I came across myself running 2.5-4 miles on most days (in comparison to 1.5-3 mile runs when I started). I even got in a five mile and an eight mile run in the last week of my race.

The eight mile run do have a few walking breaks mixed in, but I used to be running for the most part, and I felt like a champ! That was the very first time in my own life that I’d run that far! I finished the race in just a day over two months!

I’m not an ultramarathoner yet, but to be honest, by the right time I completed this competition, I sensed like I’d achieved a huge accomplishment, and for how good it sensed, I may as well have completed an ultra. This app made running a lot more fun for me personally, because a goal was had by me, and I knew I was getting a prize. Obviously, exercising is a prize alone.