Riveter Outdoor Adventure Facility To Open In Mills River Next Winter

A new fitness facility aims to consider your travels to new levels. Velosolutions Pump Recreation area in the national country; yoga studio; spin studio room; community space; libation station; retail shop;, and outdoor classes including a cross-country perimeter trail around the farm. Jackson co-owns the Riveter with business partner Eric MacLeod, MD. Both MacLeod and Jackson are avid outdoor aficionados with a joint passion for conservation and adventure sports.

David Knight, Director of the NC Outdoor Recreation Department, is a vocal supporter to the task since its inception. “The Riveter is a perfect fit because of this region and it fills a niche that is necessary,” Knight said. The Riveter would be the first in house bike recreation area and climbing fitness center combo in the country, adding a significant draw to the region’s booming drink and outdoor recreation overall economy already. “People want this kind of recreation opportunity,” said Knight. Father of two, MacLeod is a board-certified orthopedic sports medicine specialist, that has given his time as the doctor for the US Ski and Snowboard teams and US Freestyle Kayak team.

“My hope is that the Riveter will improve the lives of its people through health, fitness, education, and fostering the introduction of similar habits inside our youthful generations,” said MacLeod. Jackson drew from her diverse history to pioneer a recreational facility centered around the outdoor lifestyle and environmental responsibility. She actually is a graduate from Brevard College and received her Master’s in Environmental Management from Duke University. “We try to motivate outdoor activity for many age range and skill levels and to promote the protection of crazy places by creating that connection to enjoying the outside,” said Jackson. “This isn’t just a climbing gym, which is not just a bike park.

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