Avoid These Makeup Ingredients If You Want Clear Skin

Last post, we discussed my frustrating foray into natural makeups. I’ve learned that in pursuit of clear skin, it is certainly worth avoiding some of the very chemically derived ingredients in typical makeups. But then most of the natural ones appear to contain coconut oil, which is comedogenic rather.

And it has me stumped now. But anyway… let’s talk about which chemicals and comedogenic substances you certainly want to avoid in your makeup, and why. First of all, let’s discuss a few key conditions before we move forward quickly, and that means you can understand what these chemical substances do to your skin.

When your skin is healthy, it will lift dead skin cells up and out through the pore (in other words, exfoliating itself and making new epidermis and collagen). However, many chemical substance products will dehydrate your skin layer (ie. Whenever your skin is dehydrated, it’ll start to capture the dead epidermis cells and the chemical substance junk in makeups and other skin care products inside your pores.

The chemicals can increase sensitivity in your skin, as well as thin your skin layer and take away the protective barrier. This means that your skin becomes very reactive to things you put on it. This increased blood circulation described above will get caught within the pore, which is clogged with dead skin cells, essential oil, and chemical substances, and can stagnate there simply. This blood circulation stagnation will scar the collagen in the pore (collagen being our skin’s support structure), and the scar tissue formation shall perish and get stuck inside the pore alongside the deceased skin cells. This total results in scarring, pitting, big pores, and lots of breakouts and inflammation.

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If scarring isn’t visible on the top now, it’ll add up over time. And if the pressure in the pore reaches be too much, it shall become full on inflammation, rupture the pore and spread to another pore, spreading the problem across your skin. Ok, so clearly we don’t want any of that stuff.

And if you’ve been using chemical substance makeups and lotions and washes for a long time, your skin is probable in the condition referred to above already, and now you need to work on repairing it. Use natural hydrating, healing ingredients to wash and moisturize (honey and an oil like jojoba or argan are perfect examples.

Use papaya enzyme masks, which begin to gently eat at the old dead skin cells and scar tissue away, and helps your skin layer retrain itself to exfoliate alone. These don’t have to be continuing permanently necessarily; just until your skin layer is functioning properly again. Apparently silicones are one of the worst ingredients for dehydrating your skin and clogging the pores, which is the beginning of redness, pore scarring, and acne breakouts.

Petroleum derived substances are pore clogging and work as a delivery agent, indicating they bring the other junk in the merchandise deeper into the pores. They can produce 1 also,4-dioxane, a neurotoxin and carcinogen. Perfumes and artificial colourants are well noted to be annoying and they will increase epidermis sensitivity extremely. Many of the dyes are clogging pore.

Also, what they actually use to help make the fragrance or colourant doesn’t have to be disclosed. They can contain up to 200 different chemicals in themselves, and these chemicals are petroleum products or phthalates often. Are highly toxic and are disrupting to the urinary tract, aka. ’re hormone messer uppers. If you are trying to heal from acne, you don’t want that. Alcohols can be comedogenic, cause a complete lot of irritation, dehydration, and free radical damage.