Will You Make Mistakes?

This was initially submitted over 2 ½ years back. I have freshened it just a little from the original but the message still resonates today. News Flash: We are facing a lack of predictability in a world with continuous and accelerating change. I’m being just a little sarcastic. These changes are not a news display for any of us.

It is a description of what we deal with every day. It might be difficult to reside in the 21st hundred years and not have to manage with this. In many cases we’ve become immune system to the continuous shifting of what we should take for granted and what we should believe to be true.

I read a term the other day that truly made me laugh: The New Normal. This is the new found perception in austerity and economical living. The truth is, it is only a return to the standard way we used to behave with this money and our investments: don’t spend more than you make.

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The change under your ft is not only an earthquake, it is a societal change. More holiday shopping occurs online than in physical stores. A couple of years ago this would be have been unthinkable. Not only were there significantly fewer on line choices, but just how many were comfortable using a credit card online?

Would we ever be ready to order things without first touching or viewing them? The answer is, Yes. Amazon is selling more e-books than physical books. When this post was written Edges, Waldenbooks, and B. Dalton were all running a business. Now, all all gone. The final large string, Barnes & Nobles is constantly on the fight gossips that its times are dwindling right down to a precious few, but bad news continues to pile up. Have you tried to find a mobile phone whose primary function is a phone recently?

It is becoming more challenging. Smart mobile phones (which can make you feel stupid) are nearly the only choice. E-mails, voice mail, and actual phone conversations are shedding the battle to texting. And, cell phone bills continue steadily to take an ever-increasing chunk of the normal American’s regular budget. Desktop computer systems will be an endangered varieties next few years.