Client Rod Rutan All Pro Exercise Equipment Available 5/19/2019 UPDATED 7/3/2019 UPDATED 7/7/2019

Received this information from client. Is it possible to please add the next information to your blog. NEW 7/3/2014 30 EA. 850.00 EA. LOCATED IN GRAND RAPIDS, MI, CAN PALLETIZE, LOADING DOCK AT ORIGIN 1ST COME 1ST SERVE.. Treeform is the preferred wood locker manufacturer for country clubs, fitness clubs, wellness spas and centers.

These Treeform lockers offer laminate locker doors and are connectable as single, double and triple locker unit as well a standalone unit. The single unit lockers have multiple shelves for shoes, etc and multiple hanging hooks for desired hanging items. Locker proportions are 9″ X 18″ X 7′. Available are both full duration lockers which have combination Master hair and 1/2 lockers that don’t have built in locks – see photos. 25 ea.) in limited volume available also. 140 new and are in excellent shape. All lockers are connectable to some other adjacent locker.

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