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I thought I’d better do this before July has ended HAHAHA! I cannot believe it’ll be August so soon leh wah lau. How do time soar so quickly? I finally turned 25 years old. I am still in denial nonetheless lol. My birthday celebrations started about 2 days prior to the actual day in the office. Please pardon my bare face lol. It was a horrible day cos we’d meetings each day and by enough time we finished up everything it was lunch time. Hungry pass away me lol then.

I brought home about another 3 slices and devoured them over the weekend, weekend cos I was eating cakes non-stop the whole 3 days the start of cake! Following day was a Saturday in order usual, headed for dance class haha. And erh, they finished up treating me to a matcha lava cake at a cafe in Bedok85 because it was almost midnight then so yeah, actual birthday haha.

It was still fun at the cafe, FaceTiming the chao bf who was at the membership that evening (insert eyesight daggers). Yup, week – my third rainbow wedding cake in truth puking rainbows that whole. Does it not look so colourful and yummy! I swear this store has the best rainbow wedding cake in Singapore!

  1. “So, I love you because the entire universe conspired to help me find you.”
  2. Essence kiss care love lip balm – 01 fruit crush
  3. 3/4 cup glucose or honey
  4. 1 or even more Rose Quartz crystals
  5. Tinted chapstick

I first tried Lynda Ann’s rainbow cake through Trevor who bought it near the men’ Sunday soccer area. Somehow, It was tried by me and fell in love. Kept thinking about it and decided to just eff it and order my own cake for my birthday. After all what century right already?

Why can’t I buy my own cake leh? That Sunday and after that acquired dim amount brunch with my family and grandmother Visited cathedral. Overordered too much food and couldn’t finish everything lol. So my dad refused to slice the cake at the restaurant therefore i brought it back again to my grandmother’s place from then on food and chilled for awhile before ‘slicing’ it.

With the 2 2 beloved girls in my own life – grandmother and mother! I always think that we ought to be grateful to our moms on our birthdays because though it is a happy occasion, she experienced contractions and hell to give birth to us. Back that day So many thanks Mummy for long lasting everything that shit 25 years!

Group pic as well as my cousin here too. Typically, rainbow cakes just flavor like food colourings or have this artificial feel in the mouth area once consumed really. I blogged about this previously how I hated that rainbow cake from Dean & Deluca. Lynda Ann’s does their cakes with the right amount of cake to provide the individual the actual ‘Hey, I’m eating a cake!

I hope my descriptions are making sense ah! Yeah and the cream cheese that accompanies the cake is sugared to the right sweetness and not overwhelming in any way. Basically, just go and try it and you’ll never find another other rainbow cakes in Singapore that tastes better than theirs! Ok, gushing about rainbow cakes enough. The afternoon with the bff Spent, Jace and Stella who came over to use my nail polishes and makeup. Or maybe I didn’t hear it la. But yeah, found this only at the menu that they placed near the entrance of the restaurant.

Took this to send to Carol via Instagram HAHAHAAH! Evil la us lol. I also made XZ drink a bottle of makkgeolli beside me that night time too even though he was still a little hungover from the night before. Fried the rice and cheese when we were done with the poultry!