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A bachelor’s level in psychology is preferred for entry into one of the advanced level programs. In an advanced level program for business psychology or I/O mindset, students shall find out about the dynamics of the work environment, human resources management, employee training and development, performance appraisal as well as how to motivate employees, as well as how to result developmental change. Advanced degree program requirements typically add a bachelor’s degree with minimum GPA of at least 3.0 and minimal GRE scores. Some choose an undergraduate degree in psychology or business.

Many programs are small and intensely selective. Terminal get good at’s programs in I/O mindset or business mindset typically take around two years to complete, and terminal doctoral levels in the field usually take around three to five years to complete and include a master’s degree. Check with the institution to see whether the master’s level can be stand-alone or whether it’s only granted as part of the doctoral program. Many open public and not-for-profit universites and colleges across the US offer on-campus business or industrial-organizational mindset programs at the graduate level.

  • Considers range of school-sponsored financial aid such as scholarships and grants or loans
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20,000 per calendar year) to add on our COST EFFECTIVE list. Higher graduation rates have a tendency to be an signal of the school’s success, and a low net price is important to potential students as they consider the return on their investment. We also included other helpful information, such as degree names, US News & World Report rankings, graduation rate, and the percentage of tenured faculty.

To sort the table by confirmed value, click on any header. See Table Recommendations and Records at bottom of web page. There are very few undergraduate programs in business psychology, but master’s degrees and doctoral degrees are common. You should decide on a kind of program predicated on the work or jobs you are targeting, to ensure that your terminal degree is appropriate for your job. University of Tulsa: The University of Tulsa’s Kendall College of Arts and Sciences offers three graduate programs in Industrial-Organizational Psychology: a Master of Arts (MA), a Juris Doctor and Master of Arts combination degree (JD/MA) and a PhD. The MA in I/O Psychology is ranked number 2 in SIOP’s Top 20 Programs by Student Ratings.

The MA program is 37 credit hours, including 16 hours of I-O core programs, six hours of general psychology courses, nine hours of research technique courses, and six hours of electives, with a thesis option available however, not required. Furthermore, students must complete an internship of 200 hours and complete a thorough I-O mindset exam before obtaining their degree. The JD/MA joint-degree program offers a real method for students to complete two degree programs at once, conserving them 19 credits hours.

There are two curriculum options for the JD/MA: one includes 31 hours of mindset and 81 hours of legislation, and the other includes 34 credit hours of mindset and 78 hours of law. Appalachian State University offers an interdisciplinary master’s program in Industrial-Organizational Psychology and Human Resource Management (IOHRM) from its Department of Psychology and Department of Management, planning graduates to work in business or government jobs. Touro College: Touro College houses a master’s program in Industrial-Organizational Psychology that equips students with the various tools and knowledge had a need to increase organizational effectiveness and develop and implement sound business strategies. A required internship included in the curriculum helps students convert academic learning to real-world practice.

The program requires 36 credit hours and can typically be completed in four to six semesters. Courses happen on the school’s Manhattan campus during weekday evenings as well as via live online webinars, though all course finals must be studied on campus. Touro College offers competitive tuition rates as well as financial aid opportunities, including work-study positions for experienced students.