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It’s another 12 months and meaning one other ‘sequence’ of the Jakarta Fashion and Food Festival (JFFF)! Just like Festival Jajanan Bango, Kampoeng Tempo Doeloe has been on the scene for fairly a while, years to be actual. Don’t gown up like you are going to a marriage ceremony reception, that’s simply silly.

Please do not take this seriously because I am simply being trustworthy right here Ok! I’d, typically culinary searching could possibly be challeging with a spoonful of heart! Before I start exhibiting you the photos, I want to personally thank Cita Cinta Magazine for giving me IDR 500k high-up cards to buy until I drop here! And if you are questioning, yes you are going to have to change your cash to ‘cards’ to buy on every sales space (besides the wine and cheese the place you’re paying with cash!). Take a look at that crowd! I used to be having freaking hot flesh! FYI their theme of this yr is PASAR GAMBIR!

I must say that they had been good with the decoration, it did really feel like I was in a market, nevertheless it was a fun enjoyable fun and full of filthy delicious meals! Tahu Isi (forgot the name, however it’s on the identical line as Tahu Petis Yudhistira) – IDR 7k every, they had been pretty good!

Must Try – Sate Ayam Madura Blok S, they were so addicting, the sauce was just perfect and the chicken was tender and juicy with simply the overall perfect balance of savory, nut flavor and that smoky aroma! You can’t say no to this Martabak Kubang and this one was a total must attempt!

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It’s positioned just near the entrance. One portion include the vinegar sauce however I simply prefer it just how it is or traditional Indonesians, with chili sauce! To be sincere I used to be not convinced of the flavor, I used to be simply ordering this as a result of I like noodle however how good noodles could be, and surprisingly this was a bit more than how I expected. The noodle had this mushy-chewy texture with decently seasoned chicken, I must say they’re fairly generous with the rooster chunks however what actually live up the taste was the chili!

I noticed the cook put only just a little chili (most likely half tea spoon) but it surely was so freaking spicy! One thing lacking, if they serve it with one sunny aspect up then my score for this will be 9.5! I am not a big spicy meals particular person but I like stepping into the problem and this one turned out surprisingly good, irrespective of how spicy the bloddy chili was, it wasn’t overpowering the entire meal. Turned out it did had that kwetiau texture and tasted like one!

Another favourite alert! The duck was cooked to perfection with crispy coating, tender meat and seasoned calmly. The rice was cooked in chicken broth and it was also pretty good in both flavor and consistency. This food probably needs no more introduction as it is probably one of the most famous sate padang in Jakarta, but if you haven’t heard of this, then say hi to Sate Padang Ajo Ramon! The meat was so tender however the general dish will not be a shit with out the sauce! That yellow-pink sauce was the key to delicacy, I may trace spices like turmeric, cumin and all of them had been nicely balanced!