Web Development Open Source

Web development is the creation of a website online (world-wide web- www) or intranet (private network). A big organization may require a large variety of web developers but a little you can do with a webmaster, graphic designer and information systems technician. Open Source Web Development is currently possible free of charge because costs are included in advertisements, donations and sponsorship. Using the next frameworks we can weave and design websites that will fit smugly in slots and generate income from target and random clients.

Magento is a feature-rich e-Commerce platform built on open source technology that allows merchant user to regulate the appearance, functionality and content of his store. Through search engine marketing and content management tools he can create websites tailor-made to suit his business needs. Drupal is a multi-user system that can promote content through Twitter and Facebook.

It can level sites with a million pages and react to 20,000 demands per second and is yet, secure highly. CakePHP facilitates development, deployment and maintenance of web applications. It is appropriate for PHP4 and PHP5. CakePHP reduces code repetition and sets standards in security and sessions handling. ZEND Framework is a powerful open source Model View Controller (MVC) framework for developing PHP5 web application.

It has more secure, reliable and modern Blogging platforms 2. 0 applications and services. ZEND Framework has a rich library for reference and can separate View from internal application MVC to assist easy concentrate on target areas and reduce development time. WordPress is the biggest self-hosted blogging tool applied to an incredible number of sites and seen by multitudes world over everyday. Smarty is probably one-up on PHP in separating demonstration from business reasoning like in situations where in fact the assignments of designers and programmers are different.

When there are tens of thousands of themes and their efficient management is essential Smarty’s tag-based template syntax is definitely preferred. OsCommerce is a highly rated e-Commerce application for setting up an online store for unlimited quantity of products. Payment and taxes can be gathered, shipping organized, and security of payment guaranteed.

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Customers can view their order background, search for customize and products product catalogue through OsCommerce. CMS or Content Management System is an application for maintaining dynamic websites, Through the use of CMS we can manage blogs, images, image descriptions and the contents of the website. This database driven system with additional features like site search and data give food to can take regular website improvements in its stride. Yii is a high-performance construction for developing Web 2 2.0 applications in PHP 5. Yii pronounced Yee stands for Easy, Efficient and Extensible.

Yii is easy to learn, fast, extensible and reusable. It is also considered the most effective PHP framework available today. NETWORKS enables users to produce public profiles within websites and interact with other users of the same website. They can be community structured websites, online conversation discussion boards, and chatrooms.

E-Commerce Websites help business over world wide web where search engine marketing promotes visibility and improves trade. E-Learning Modules are brief targeted learning modules developed using the pc with a lot of visual helps for quick grasp of a topic. Mobile Websites like Google, Twitter and Flickr are increasingly becoming popular in tune with the growing market of mobile devices that support internet surfing. Software Development is the introduction of a software product through computer Programming. Website Revamping is necessary in the fast changing world of internet. It’s important the website to remain upto date with international trends lest it become outdated and lose customer appeal.

Game Development generally identifies the lengthy procedure for creating a video game. Website Development through online presence has become among the best options for business development. For an individual, too, a website placed on the world-wide web (www) improves communication and network conversation. SOCIAL NETWORKING Integration helps cultural media strategies access a blatantly large audience like 140 million Facebook users which continues to be growing. Companies can enter personal domains and advertise through Social Network Integration unwittingly.