The Well-Rounded Mama

This comment was remaining on a recently available post with this blog. It is a plea for help from a women that are pregnant in the U.K. I am only going to address taking care of of her concerns, the one I find most troubling; I hope others will intensify and address some of the rest of her concerns.

Please please please, can help me someone. I am so scared and disappointed, Personally i think like I am an unfit mother already and feel that the drs think I do not care about the fitness of my unborn baby. Now I know that this will not decrease well with some people but I am considering a termination so that I could lose more excess weight before carrying a child (I have presently lost 70 pounds).

Both myself and my partner are worried , nor know what to do. You can find so a lot of things to hide here, it’s hard to learn the place to start. Please reassure and comfort this female that she CAN do that. She must hear from many people, not me just.

In the meantime, here is my response. First, dear Reader, do not terminate this pregnancy of these scare tactics or your fears. Chances are that everything will be alright. Many MANY women with a BMI more than 35 experienced healthy pregnancies and babies. My BMI is 48, over yours far, and I had 4 healthy babies and pregnancies, and am none the worse for wear for this.

I know so a lot of women your size and far larger who’ve experienced healthy happy infants. You can read some of their birth tales here and here. No, nobody can promise you with 100% certainty that you which baby will be fine, however the odds are in your favor certainly, “obese” or not. Most obese women have healthy infants; some do have complications like GD or high blood pressure, but then even, most of the time, these conditions are able to be treated and everyone is fine still.

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So don’t stress on the scare tactics they are giving you. In some full cases, caution providers lay on the scare tactics so that they bully women into weight loss surgery strongly, risky diets, over-intervention, and even terminating the pregnancy. That is NOT good healthcare, that’s medical bullying. And for God’s sake, this poor female has lost 70 pounds., but despite the fact that she followed typical medical advice to lessen her BMI before pregnancy, she actually is being punished and scared half to death still.

Where is the justice for the reason that? Yes, there are some dangers associated with pregnancy in obese women, but NO, the answer is not in scaring women into terminating an established pregnancy until they reach a “normal” BMI. Shame on these providers for laying the scare tactics on so strongly that someone would even consider terminating a pregnancy simply because of their weight.