What Is YOUR PRESENT Hair Routine?

When and just why did you choose to go natural? On November 7 I went natural, 2009. Heading natural was something that I wanted to do always, but I didn’t know very well what it took to keep up and keep up with natural hair. I put a lot of motivation from my two younger sisters who actually proceeded to go natural two years prior to my BIG Chop.

Conversations with my about their hair offered me a lot of encouragement along with viewing YouTube and locks care forums. We’re friends and family and family supportive of your decision? If not, how were you in a position to move forward? My friends were very supportive of my decision to go natural. On the few occasions they would send me links of certain books and websites I could read.

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The one individual that I did so get negative opinions from was my partner. I remember I tried going natural once before and he was there with me. I took my extensions out after a year and said “I am going natural”. At that time I didn’t know there were sources available that I possibly could consider for assist with my decision.

So seven days later I ran to my locks dresser and told her to perm e pronto, and he (the stylist) offered me a glance of me informed so. ONCE I said I used to be going natural for the next time I understood he’d have something to state. What is your current hair routine? My routine is ideal for me; Every morning and every night with a mixture that contains Giovanni leave in I spritz my hair, water, jojoba essential oil, and a splash of glycerin. I co-wash and deep condition my locks once weekly and although it’s winter I really do clean & go’s on my TWA. You shouldn’t be alarmed, it usually dries before I get outdoors.

That’s it for the present time, because my hair is still too brief for braid and/or twist outs. What exactly is your hair goals? I simply want healthy locks! How has your perception of beauty changed since going natural? It hasn’t changed much. I really believe beauty is within the optical eye of the beholder.

What advice could you give to a new natural? It’s not as hard as you think it is. Please, don’t be discouraged because you don’t have a looser texture, love your kinks and coils. Take your time with hair so when you give it nice hair will return the favor ten times over!