Infinite And Life Mysteries

Today I cause a questions to myself. In search of answers. I highly doubt that writing this website provides me anywhere near answers and if by some magic it can the, wow. What defines a guy? Why do we assess? Today How come society just so screwed up? Why do we judge?

Why are we so god dang ignorant? And the majority of all, will karma exist? And if it does how fast does it react? First off if anyone knows me. And knows my sit-rep. Well it ain’t fairly. Thats all. A load is got by me of ignorance in my own house brought by step family. I have an enormous workload creating stress and such.

Damn that little bit of transcript was lost somewhere in the river of thoughts. So first question men. What will define my life. So that everyone can say damn that was a good person. Is it the money in my own pocket. I’m a ways off then . Women . . .

No there’s only person in this world i need. I don’t know anymore. I assume I’ll live life and find out what books they write about me if any. Eye of the beholder? I assume. That whole its was inside thing. True but entire listens. Everyone has a beauty in their own way.

Beauty is defined by where you come from you could say. EASILY result from a deformed band of mutants haha then I’ll say a mutant is beautiful. I just hate the American idea today. Why do we judge. Because we think we realize whats right I guess. I simply hate phoning someone unattractive then not learning them. Society. In short is down the drain. Lost. We must regain it. Today it is ignorance this means tomorrow is loss of life.

Brushing apart cobwebs, he contacted the bed; he still left footprints in the dense dust. He appeared down at the proper execution, a lovely young female; she got long red locks and was wearing on out-of-fashion dress. He stood taking a look at her for several minutes; then he bent over and kissed her on the lips. She stirred, her eyelids fluttered; then she opened her blue eyes and smiled. The servant entered the available room, and the prince smiled and sat on the bed.

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I slowly pressed open the door. In the gloom, I could barely make out someone–or something? Brushing cobwebs and watching for spiders aside, I approached the bed. I QUICKLY noticed her for the first time–the female of my dreams! She was beautiful–long, thick red hair, fair skin with a tinge of blush in her cheeks.

But why was she wearing such a unusual dress? Maybe there have been a masquerade the night time before and she have been too tired to take off the dress. I looked at her for a few minutes, awed by her air and beauty of innocence. Then, on an abrupt impulse, I leaned over and kissed her on the lips.

Who understands when I would have that opportunity again? She stirred, her eyelids fluttered; then she opened her blue eyes, eyes so blue I lost myself in their depths. She smiled and breathed, “You’ve come finally.” Sitting on the advantage of the bed, I smiled back, “Yes, I have.”And I hoped we wouldn’t be leaving soon. That fool of a servant came in and spoiled everything Then. The prince’s servant waited in the hallway, relieved at devoid of to take any risks.

Despite his impatience, the prince slowly, very slowly, forced the door open. He was an extremely cautious prince; as a child, he went in the rain without his boots and umbrella never. Brushing aside cobwebs, he grimaced with distaste and approached the bed. He thought of possible problems. He looked, with admiration and some some other feeling, at a beautiful young female asleep; he previously always found redheads especially attractive. He was puzzled by her out-of-fashion dress, which appeared as if clothes his great grandmother was wearing in her state portrait. He stood by the bed for a few minutes, searching to see if anyone was observing him.