IDEAS TO Organize For Success

With NBC airing a live production of The Sound of Music on December 5th, I can’t get that track “A Few of THE BEST Things” out of my head. Therefore, I decided to share a few of the best apps. There’s just too much for my little brain to remember, which explains why Evernote’s ability to help me “remember everything” is essential.

My information syncs real-time between all my devices, and I could locate what I need when I want it quickly. 3. EasilyDo – This “smart associate” helps me get things done, like signing up for a conference call with one touch, sending birthday wants, keeping my travel documents handy and updating changes to my contacts automatically. Yes, Siri is a great option for iOS while Google Now helps Android users, but EasilyDo gives me another boost.

4. Square Register – I’m often getting together with clients is likely to offices or away at a general public location, which makes it imperative to have an instrument for collecting credit credit card obligations while out-and-about. Square is user friendly and priced reasonably. 6. Dolphin Browser – This free, mobile web browser is customizable, allows for gesture and voice handles, offers extremely fast results and includes the ability to save / share content to Evernote, Facebook and Twitter.

8. Skype – Meeting practically with clients across the country takes a tool for face-to-face connections without having to travel any more than the screen of my tech tool. 9. WRAL’s Sports Fan – Like a fan of the David Glenn Radio Show broadcast noon – 3pm statewide, I like to catch what servings I can between visits or while working on my Mac. Sometimes, I’m not in a position to pay attention to it on the air, but this application makes it possible to capture the broadcast from wherever I’m working. 10. PaperKarma – Want to cut down on the mail coming into your home or business?

Just check your address from the mailer into PaperKarma and prevent future mailings. You will find countless times I need to plan face-to-face commitments with groups of people. 12. MusicID – As someone who likes many different types of music, I’m often hearing a tune I love and wanting to know about the title / designer.

When in doubt, I open MusicID, click “Identify Song” and contain the phone near my audio speakers. Very quickly, all my questions about the music are clarified, and I could hop to iTunes to buy it. Which are your preferred apps? And which will be the apps without that you just couldn’t survive? Please comment below and share this post with those you think would enjoy these helpful tools.

When processing your deduction, there are two types of expenditures that are deductible — direct and indirect. Indirect expenses are those that pertain to the complete house, such as homeowners and resources insurance. Those are apportioned based on the percentage of the space used for business. Some expenses — such as housekeeping and gardening expenses or repairs to another room inside your home — don’t be eligible as an indirect expenditure and would not be deductible whatsoever.

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Direct expenses don’t have to be apportioned. For example, if you have another electric meter and range for your home office, the entire amount of the electric bill for this meter would be deductible. 1,500 (300 square feet). That’s not overly nice, but it means you can itemize your full home loan interest and real estate taxes on Schedule A of your personal tax return.

In some places, the effective savings of the new simplified option may be as much as if you claimed actual home office expenditures. But if your home is near a significant metropolitan area, the simplified option may total a small fraction of the actual expenditures. Remember, the simplified option only makes the recordkeeping burden easier. It does not change the requirements for who are able to claim office at home deductions. There’s no simplified method for qualifying in the first place. Below is a chart from the IRS comparing the two options for declaring home office expenses. 12 months Once you choose a method for the tax, you can not change to the other method for the same year.

If you utilize the simplified method for one year and use the regular way for any subsequent season, you must calculate the depreciation deduction for the subsequent yr using the correct optional depreciation table. That is true whether or not you used an optional depreciation table for the first year the property was found in business. If you have questions about whether you qualify to claim home office deductions on your tax return, consult with your taxes adviser.