Charlotte Tilbury Shared The Makeup FOUND IN This Year’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

For Victoria’s Secret models, getting runway ready takes some serious work. It needs months of preparation, a glam team stacked with some of the industry’s best experts, and a beauty arsenal that could make your jaw drop. Furthermore with their every beauty moment being on-trend, the models’ pre-show routine is also kind pricey – especially so far as their makeup can be involved. Just how much, you ask?

Ahead of the show, on November 8, the team shared a sneak peek as of this year’s glamour, and dished on every product that Charlotte Tilbury’s crew would be using to help make the angels look so heavenly. “The look can be an angelic filtration system for the facial skin that enhances what character has normally blessed you with – with this look you will cast a spell on the world!

” Charlotte told Teen Vogue in a statement. Before even getting right down to the business enterprise of applying the angels’ runway-ready looks, Charlotte prepared the skin of every model. 100) to give the models a “glowing base” of epidermis for makeup application. 55) to provide the models’ skin a dewy radiance.

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46), utilizing a shade that was somewhat warmer than each model’s natural complexion to create a healthy shine. 68) for a sunlight kissed effect. 45), she transferred to the eyes. 27) along the lashes. 65) for a head-to-toe glimmer. The products are all available online, therefore you can test their runway glam on your own. And for less expensive options than the pricier products, try these drugstore dupes.

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