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Veterans Day – our possiblity to honor the women and men who have served in the armed forces. It’s a very special day for many households and can be (should be) a day of recollection for all those. Day not only with calmness Today we associate Veterans, but with war.

We celebrate with flags, memorials, parades, and serves of kindness for participants of the armed forces. We’ve a collective hug to let them know that people owe them our way of life. Whatever time of year, it makes me teary-eyed to hear someone walk up to a uniformed member of the armed forces and give thanks to him/her for service. Today, veterans will be appreciated in ways large and small.

Full-page patriotic information from military companies will run in our newspapers. Restaurants will serve veterans free of charge, and suppliers will offer discount rates. Whatever you choose to do, please do something. Contribute to a charity for veterans. There must be no veterans sleeping in tents this winter since they’re homeless. We need to end that countrywide disgrace. Support companies choosing veterans.

How disappointing it must be to get back from war for an economy with no job for you! Attend a local service. We’ve many in our area. I plan to go to the one in Falls Church, only to show the veterans who attend that people care. We owe our veterans very much. There are 22 million living North american veterans and young women and men serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.

  • It can be used both day and night
  • Wide Tooth Comb
  • Change in the scale, shape, color, or feel of any mole
  • Hairspray and nail polish
  • 2 drops of scented oil such as lemon or orange
  • Sleep on your back or use a special pillowcase
  • Stay away from chemicals

I don’t believe we can previously fully repay them for their bravery, patriotism, and anguish. There are women and men laying in armed service clinics surrounding the countrywide country, their systems and lives shattered. I’m not sure how we can do enough to help them, but I am sure that we all need to try.

The poppies referenced in In Flanders Fields grew in profusion in Flanders, France in the disturbed earth of the battlefields and cemeteries where warfare casualties were buried – thereby became a symbol of Remembrance Day. The poem is often part of Remembrance Day solemnities in Allied countries that added soldiers to World War I, in particular in countries of the British Empire that participated.

The poem In Flanders Fields was written after Canadian doctor Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae observed the death, and presided on the funeral, of a young good friend, Lt. Alexis Helmer. The day following the funeral By most accounts it was written in his notebook. Because of this poem, poppies have grown to be symbolic of the Armistice.