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It’s been almost a season. At 3%-5% per month – with all income reinvested – your accounts should be up at least 40% in value. Instead, your accounts are still down over 25% in value. It’s just very difficult picking the right time for you to enter new positions and deciding when to market and buy back those TSS’s. This new advanced charting seminar should help. Advanced charting helps, but you’re still certainly not growing your accounts at 3%-5% per month. Many acquaintances who started at the same time as you have abadndoned the method. Frankly, many of them have excellent points as to the reasons this system isn’t working.

  • What are some good investment options with for a 20 something year old with $8k-10k
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  • What is the advantage, if any, to using MACRS rather than right line depreciation
  • Interest received, including any related taxes recovered
  • Rental rates and reserve value are below market rates

10,000 of your dollars, you’re accounts are down in value by 30%, and also to add salt to the wound you’ve needed to pay the IRS income tax anyhow. What have I done? I was initially introduced to Compound Stock Earnings by finding their every week radio show on KABC 790 in Los Angeles.

For anyone looking for a much better way to get their money, I would suggest this book highly. The information is clear, organized and doesn’t require an MBA running a business or finance to understand how to apply it. I only wish I needed found out CSE years quicker! I have been using the CSE options for about 1 ½ years. I saw that with just a little learning on my part quickly, I could control our investments and earn 2 to 6% a month by simply following a CSE methods. You are most likely thinking a similar thing that I thought – no chance could somebody without financial training earn 24% to 72% a 12 months in the market.

Despite what anybody lets you know, it’s possible if you are willing to spend the right time learning the system and use it. The CSE method teaches you a set of easy to learn rules that takes me between 20 minutes to 1 1 hour a day to manage my investments. Unlike other investment strategies, the CSE method has rules that work in both along marketplaces.