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The simple and obvious reason behind this is that if you leave, say your eyesight shadow, under the open up window, by which it is pouring rain onto your makeup, it’ll later on be unusable. Is a picture of mine Here, which is unorganized really! The second important thing in a makeup kit is, of course, the foundation.

You need a shade that matches your skin layer to a T! I know a lot of females out there test the colour of the foundation on the back of their hands. This is not the way to do it! Because your hands see much more sunlight than that person, most people’s hands will be more tan than their necks and faces.

This causes the makeup-mask look, because the building blocks shall be a perfect match for your hands, but dark on your face too. The best way to test the color of foundation is on the inside of your arm, or if there is a mirror in the store, in your neck. I know a lot of makeup artists have more than one shade of foundation in their personal collections, a color for winter and one for summer usually, when you are more tan.

Then, you will need the translucent powder, or a powder foundation that matches your skin shade, and some natural powder puffs or a huge brush to use it. Well, I am here to tell you! Powder pieces the makeup beneath it, and will give it longer staying power. It also helps to keep the skin matte during the day, because it absorbs dampness and sweat.

  • 19 months back from Ontario, Canada
  • 8 years back from Pueblo West
  • It lasts quite long on the skin up to 6 hours
  • Change of Climate/Seasons
  • 2 teaspoons brewed chamomile tea — cooled

You need something to keep your eyebrows neat. I use two things because of this : tweezers and an eyebrow shaver. It’s also advisable to will have a neutral matte color attention shadow, to complete your eyebrows with. This shade should be to your hair colour close. If you prefer utilizing a pencil to complete your eyebrows, be sure you use short strokes when applying the merchandise. I understood why people fill in their brows never, till I actually learned how to makeup! It’s simple, your eyebrows frame your face, and filling them in draws more focus to your eyes.

Who doesn’t want a framed face! Eye shadow. If you are just staring out with makeup, I would say get some nice neutral tones first, and then get some good wild colors as you get well informed applying makeup. The unspoken (well not really, everyone frequently says it quite!) rule in makeup is that for every two shimmery eye shadows you utilize, you need at least one matte one.

There are no rules in makeup, but if you have too much shimmer on your eye it wont look good either. Shimmer can appear to be sweat on photographs also, so keep this in mind when applying! This palette in the photo is one I ordered from BH Makeup products in america. It finished up costing me about R200 in total (including delivery and traditions), which is really inexpensive for makeup.