2. Discuss ADVANTAGES OF THE Wholesaler

Learning Outcome: (i) To understand the importance of distribution stations and the factors that determine the selection of them. To understand the role of the wholesaler, merchant, and realtors in the distribution network. 1. Students can compare a retail store for a product with buying using e-commerce. 2. Discuss the advantages of a wholesaler. 3. Give students an array of products and determine which methods of transport to use. To understand how the combine may be used to influence consumer purchasing. To comprehend the way the marketing mix can change as the merchandise undergoes its product life routine.

Select and justify marketing techniques appropriate to confirmed situation. Activity: Students develop a marketing arrange for a given product. That is to include consideration of a strategy throughout the life routine of the product. Identify internal and external sources of funds open to a business. To understand the impact of different sources of finance on the business. To understand the factors affecting the methods of finance chosen.

Method: Practical Exercises exploring resources of finance as well as explanation. 1. Investigate the accounts of two businesses to explore the resources used especially by a low and high-geared business. 3. Give students case studies of various businesses seeking financing and encourage them to decide whatever is best suited.

On mobile, you may need to tap the gear or three-dot icon to get the Move to Follow Up option. Click on the clock icon on the desktop to go the Instagram notification to the Follow-Up folder. Keeping your notifications organized allows you and your team to raised manage response times and engagement for your Instagram content.

The primary benefit of using the Facebook Inbox for your Instagram accounts is efficiency. If you’re regularly on your PC and have Facebook open up in an internet browser, you can see Instagram notifications and reply promptly quickly, without having to hop to your mobile device and release the Instagram app. If you have a team of people accountable for your Facebook and Instagram account management, this new inbox will streamline accounts to gain access to. Anyone who’s an admin, editor, or moderator on your Facebook web page shall have access to the Instagram accounts notifications. They’ll be able to respond on behalf of your business without needing direct access to your Instagram account.

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Note that you’ll receive Facebook web page notifications (if you have push notifications allowed) alerting one to responses on your Instagram accounts. Again, for teams, this can be helpful to ensure you don’t miss anything. However, if you have both Facebook web page and Instagram drive notifications allowed, you’ll get notifications for both. Beyond managing the feedback on your Instagram articles, you can also edit some of your Instagram account details from your Facebook web page. Click on the down arrow next to greatly help in the top-right corner of the web page. On your Facebook page, select Settings from the assistance drop-down menu. From the remaining menu list, choose Instagram. Select Instagram in your Facebook web page settings.

On the Instagram screen, you can edit your account’s name, username, url, bio-description, and contact information. Click the Edit button and make your changes Simply. Click Save when you’re done. You can modify some Instagram accounts details from your Facebook page configurations. Again, some native Instagram features aren’t available when you edit in Facebook. For instance, any formatting or spacing you utilize in your bio receive necessarily transfer to the Instagram layout. If you change your website link or update your bio description regularly frequently, to be able to manage those fields from your Facebook page may help you be more efficient.