The fact is there are 50 special characteristics the prophet PBUH experienced but no one else did. We’ve many narrations that explain the physical characterstics. When a son asked a vintage lady after the prophet passed away “that which was the prophet like”. She said “oh my dear child, if you were to have seen him, you would have through sunlight would have risen up”.

And it is amazing she defined him as a boy, and another the moon “his face would light as did the entire moon”. One is saying he is like the sun,and another the entire moon. This shows how the sahaba cannot describe him. There is a tradition that almost enables you to want to weep – the tradition of Amr ibn al-As. He used to be the leader of quraysh (like Abu Suffyan) this category of individuals were noble foes – the compared Islam but not stuping to filthy tactics.

And Allah reverted all of these people. And this shows because that they had a good heart (khalid ibn waleed, Abu Suffyan, Ikrimah the son of Abu Jahal etc) – Allah guided all of these to Islam. So Amr ibn al-As only had an opportunity to be considered a sahabi for a couple of years.

And down the road in his life he would say “there is nothing that was more sweeter or beloved to me than to stare at the facial skin of the prophet”. The wonder and noor of the prophet was so great that he could be saying “there is certainly nothing at all sweeter than to simply go through the face” yet “i could never got enough of looking at him”.

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Most of the explanation of the prophet result from the youngest sahaba. Indeed they don’t have the same kind of feelings as the older sahaba. Anas ibn Malik was released to the prophet SAW at 7 years of age – and he would serve him all day. And he said “the prophet SAW was neither very high in a way that he stood above the group, nor short in a way that he would be disregarded. And he was neither extremely white or ruddy brown”. So the prophet was a lightish skin colour of brownish. The prophets hair “had not been in curls nor was it straight”.. Indeed one sahabi used to collect his sweat in a jar to use it as medicine and perfume.

Many people accepted Islam simply by viewing his face. The cheif rabbi of the jews of madina: Abdullah ibn salam. And he noticed this man declaring to be a prohpet – first day the prohpet came to madnia. He wants to look and start to see the message. And one conversation he allows islam then and there. And this was the largest jew rabbi in madina. And he had so many internal qualities. Of the were tolerance, mercy, understading, love and care. But also humility, modesty, simple lifestyle etc. Omar came into upon him when the prophet was laying in his small compartment in his masjid.

And it was nothing but a jug of water and a little bed made out of the branches of a romantic date hand tree. When omar comes in he sits up to greet him. And because of the data palm branches there is a red tag dented into the back of the prophey. And thats when omar starts crying (it was 7th, 8th year of the hijra – when the prohpet is the first choice of Arabia!).

Aisha RA says “the bed the prophet used to rest on was a leather skin that we would factors with leaves to make it a bit softer”. Once it is narrated one of his wifes folded it up her own half to make it more comfortable for the prophet and for this reason the prophet slept for longer.

When he woke up and realised what occurred he said change it back as he didnt want this comfort as it prevented him from praying tahajud. And the prophet would not eat meats for 6 weeks sometimes! And Uruwa 40 years down the relative range asked Aisha RA “oh my mom how do you live?” She said “we lived by consuming both black things – dates and dirty water”. And subhan’Allah in his very existence there was not just one day where the prophet ate breads, rather than even wheat loaf of bread or hard breads, to his fullest.