WHAT’S The Glory Of God?

Answer: The glory of God is the beauty of His nature. It isn’t an visual beauty or a material beauty, but it’s the beauty that emanates from His character, from everything He is. James 1:10 calls on the rich man to “glory in his humiliation,” indicating a glory that does not imply riches or power or materials beauty. This glory can crown man or fill the planet earth. It really is seen within man and in the planet earth, but it is not of them; it is of God.

The glory of man is the wonder of man’s spirit, which is fallible and eventually passes away, and is therefore humiliating-as the verse tells us. However the glory of God, which is manifested in every His attributes together, never passes away. Isaiah 43:7 says that God created us for His glory.

Psalm 73:24 telephone calls heaven itself “glory.” It used to be common to hear Christians talk of death to be “received unto glory,” which is a phrase borrowed out of this Psalm. When the Christian dies, he will be taken into God’s existence, and in His existence will be naturally surrounded by God’s glory.

We will be studied to the place where God’s beauty literally resides-the beauty of His Spirit will be there, because He’ll be there. In the human/earthly sense, glory is a beauty or vibrancy that rests upon the material of the earth (Psalm 37:20, Psalm 49:17), and in that sense, it fades.

But the reason it fades is that materials things do not last. They die and wither, but the glory that is within them belongs to God, and profits to Him when decay or death requires the materials. Think about the rich man mentioned earlier. The verse says, “The rich man is to glory in his humiliation, because like flowering grass he will away move.” Exactly what does this mean? Since God is the main one from whom glory comes, He’ll not let stand the assertion that glory comes from man or from the idols of man or from nature.

In Isaiah 42:8, an example is seen by us of God’s jealousy over His glory. This jealousy for His own glory is what Paul is talking about in Romans 1:21-25 when he speaks of the ways people worship the creature as opposed to the Creator. This is actually the mistake many people continue steadily to make: trusting in earthly things, earthly romantic relationships, their own capabilities or talents or beauty, or the goodness they see in others. However when these things fade and fail as they’ll inevitably do (being only temporary carriers of the higher glory), these people despair.

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