Escalating The Frequent Flyer: May 2019

Since economy class to Singapore was unpleasant, I spend the extra 10k AAdvantage kilometers to book business class for my return. To make it onto the token 9 am flight for HKG-CTS, I had to fly on the redeye flight for SIN-HKG, which would be killer in trainer.

SIN is a massive Star Alliance hub and one of the best international airports in the world. With access to North and European countries America, it’s tactical location helps it be a good stopover for the Kangaroo Route. However, Oneworld plane tickets are limited by a small number of intra-Asia routes, Australia, and London. CX flies regional planes to SIN mostly, so the seat disappointingly wasn’t even angled lieflat, which is the standard for intra-Asia biz. I used to be one of 3 travellers in the cabin as it appears that all the business travelers skipped from that one. The chair was comparable to AA’s old transcontinental business class recliners, that are comfy however, not conducive for sleeping.

Recliner seats beat the purpose of biz seats for a redeye air travel, but I was so tired which i approved out nonetheless promptly after dinner. The flight arrived into HKG at 5 am, which gave me almost 4 hours at the CX Wing first class lounge. I grabbed breakfast at the lounge’s famed Haven Restaurant, booked a private Cabana room, and crashed on the futon.

The the next thing that rang was my 8:30 am noisy alarms reminding me of my 9 am flight. Since my gate was at the contrary end of the terminal, I raced to make it essentially. For a complete overview of the Wing first class lounge, see my previous post. I got eventually to the gate 15 minutes before departure and was among the last to board the plane, thanks to the Wing’s awesome sleeping room. I put pre-selected top of the deck seat right behind the stickpit, which is as private as they get for a biz seat.

It’s also been a good 15 years since I last got to sit on the top deck of a 747, which CX is phasing out within a yr. CX uses their old herringbone seats on their 747s, which offer good privacy but can be claustrophobic and seclusive if soaring with a partner excessively. The vast number of complaints stemming from claustrophobia prompted CX to improve with their flagship reverse herringbone configuration that can be found on 773s and A333. Fortunately, my air travel was only 4 1/2 hours and I only wanted to sleep.

Shortly after takeoff, lunch was offered. I chosen the seafood food, which consisted of a shrimp appetizer and grilled sea bass main course. As typical, I wasn’t especially hungry after coming out of the first class lounge. After finishing the meals, I slept until getting. Cathay Pacific intra-Asia biz seating settings is a blended bag, so be sure to research your options to help make the most of your kilometers. I wasn’t given much of a selection with only one 1 daily trip between HKG-CTS and only 1 SIN-HKG flight that could connect me there in time.

I was amazed that CX would use a subpar product on SIN-HKG, which is a intensely journeyed business path. Last year, I flew on the flagship 773 on a 1 1/2 hour flight between HKG-TPE, which really is a second-tier route with over a dozen daily flights. Aim for the 773 and A333 to maximize your experience Always.

Now, I’m no enthusiast of Gartner’s Magic Quadrants, as I’ve talked about previously. Gartner’s criteria for evaluation are probably going to be different from the requirements of a particular buyer. MQs measure things not appealing to customers. For example, as a buyer, is “completeness of vision” really one of both primary requirements in evaluation? How about fit to my practical industry and requirements? MQs often leave out vendor that a specific buyer ought to be considering, as Gartner only evaluates suppliers above a certain size threshold typically.

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The MQs by definition favor established, legacy even, vendors. Vendors use MQs in their sales presentations, if their position is advantageous, without noting all the caveats that Gartner includes. First-time buyers, especially in small or midsize companies, may not understand the misuse of MQs in this way. SAP’s problems following its acquisition of Business Objects in transitioning support to its own support systems as well as apparent problems with how it is dealing with acquired customers.

For the third calendar year in a row, customer survey data shows that customer support rankings for SAP are lower than for just about any other vendor inside our customer study. Overall customer experience ratings including support, sales experience and software quality are also at the cheapest levels. These total email address details are not uncommon in the aftermath of an acquisition. To handle these challenges, SAP has put in place programs to address customer problems with support and also to address, more broadly, the client experience.