3 Effective METHODS TO Increase Fps

Hello everyone. The Summoner name I decided to go with for League Of Legends is Fl1pz. Although I’ve had many bad encounters with playing this game, I also have a lot of good ones. My most played / favorite Champions to play on the Rift are, Yasuo, Riven, Lucian and Twitch. The reason I love these Champions are because they are extremely flexible and you could do so much with them.

Other than playing League, I enjoy reading and writing also. Honestly, I have no basic idea why reading and writing makes me happy, but it does. It is a terrific way to kill time for me personally. Don’t forget to check out “Part 2 ON HOW BEST TO Instantly INCREASE YOUR FPS.” Also, take a look for more informative and great video gaming information.

Did you understand that you can to install Custom Maps in your League Of Legends game? Not only that, nevertheless, you can install Custom Champ Skins also, Custom Minion Skins and even Custom Monster Skins if you wish. The first effective solution to increase the FPS in your League Of Legends game is to set up a Custom Summoners Rift Skin. You probably already know that the Summoners Rift map requires a heavy toll on your pc / laptop, therefor reducing your FPS by a whole great deal.

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Even if you put the Video Settings to “SUPRISINGLY LOW,” you may still find many things that reduce your frames. That is why a Custom is needed by you Low Definition Summoners Rift Map! Why don’t we now focus on the first method. Firstly, you will need to download a program called Wooxy. Usually do not worry, Wooxy is a completely free program and it obviously will not come with viruses. I would never ever suggest anyone an application that I have not tried myself.

After downloading the program, you can open up it up and play with it a bit. You will find options that you can fiddle with. You have received the gist of the program Once, you can go over to the next step. Now, go to whatever search engine you are using.

For me, I use Google. Then type in “raise your performance map” and get into. Click on the first link you observe near the top of the screen and you ought to arrive at a site called MapSkins. Afterwards, scroll down until the truth is two download options. One should say “Low Definition Summoners Rift” and the other “Extreme Low Definition Summoners Rift.” Now, this all depends upon your preferences.