JUST HOW MANY Times Was It Reblogged?

At BRANDEMiX, when we suggest clients on digital branding, we encourage them to create accounts on the Four Essential Profiles: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn. However, a fifth cultural network might be emerging. According to Alexa, it cracked the very best 50 most popular sites in the world recently, and the very best 25 in the US.

The site is Tumblr. Tumblr is a free of charge, short-form blogging service that combines the publishing ability of WordPress with the social areas of Facebook and Twitter. Since Tumblr doesn’t replace these other platforms, anyone can use it, whether or not they have another website. Actually, Tumblr’s emphasis on short posts make it appealing to brands who aren’t blogging. However the ongoing service is not without its problems – or its controversy. So in the event you build a “tumbleblog” in this quickly growing community?

It depends upon your brand, your audience, and your needs. Easy to create and easy to use. Yes, easier than WordPress even. The interface is intuitive. It’s no trouble to personalize with Tumblr’s variety of themes – or your own, if some HTML is well known by you. You are able to publish content via email, mobile, or through a bookmarklet in your browser, and that means you can post new material or share a discovery from anywhere.

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Tumblr hosts text, photos, video, audio, and links, so if you’re not used to public press or don’t have time for intricate designs, Tumblr is perfect for you. Tumblr allows readers to “like” a post, much like Facebook, or even to “reblog” it, much like a retweet on Twitter. Users can follow other blogs, creating a single content give food to like both Twitter and Facebook.

Tumblr users love the site’s community, posting a creative sensibility that you don’t see on other social networks. It’s a great spot to engage an involved audience. Brands with a great deal of property and content are wildly popular on Tumblr. Fashion brands in particular appear to thrive there, including J. Crew, Kate Spade, andAnn Taylor.

In fact, Week page Tumblr hosted a particular NY Fashion, sending 20 of its most popular fashion bloggers (such as What I Wore’s Jessica Quirk) to pay all the major occasions. Media companies and web publishers are also using Tumblr, today Show from Comedy Central to The, and from Rolling Stone to Newsweek. Tumblr’s dashboard doesn’t include any kind of tracking. How many likes do one of your posts get? How many times was it reblogged? You actually have to go to each of your articles and count the actions by hand. Google Analytics and Site Meter only solve the problem because they can’t track Tumblr’s internal links partly.