Health, Wealth And All That Wisdom

The primary quarter of this 12 months was so busy, that sitting down to eat had no worth in my life @ that point. I was busy making an attempt to get MAC Youth Give’s website up, thankfully Tariq, Khaled and others took on the duty upon themselves, and to date, they’ve achieved a great job. Rania was my tajweed trainer- they’ve determined for now to remain in Lebanon. I’ve such a looong method to go.

My brother contested and gained the MSA elections, and that for certain is a great expertise for him. In fact, as soo many individuals identified to me- my surgery: appendectomy was Allah’s means of telling me to slow down. I used to be in.. after which out of the hospital. I by no means thought I’d be admitted @ the hospital where I work.

I am unable to forget how I had simply acquired my health card made every week or two earlier than my surgery. I spent May here @ dwelling, and received to satisfy my mom’s youngest sister and her children. It was a houseful of mischief-makers. Being a chaplain assistant @ the hospital gave me a brand new perspective each time I got paged.

Shariah program lessons had been extra of a bonding time between me and Hafsa, than learning Arabic. I met Kahkashan, and the three of us, together with Khadija mentioned every thing on the market. Definitely, Hafsa and Kahkashan are blessings from Allah in life, and my mirrors. Hafsa, additionally, surpasses the definition of hyper.

The truth is, I firmly imagine Hafsa ought to be a phrase within the dictionary. Unfortunately, my practical placement did not work out and I was unable to finish the certification. But it was merely an amazing experience just to be in a position to sit in a class with other women and learn about fitness, health, eating regimen, and caring for the contributors in your class.

We covered training for varied classes at school, resembling pregnant girls and seniors. The instructor was a tremendous woman, and an incredible mom too! I had a chance to get up-shut and personal along with her, and I used to be so proud to know her! Right approach was priceless! I went whitewater rafting with CAMP Toronto, and met a complete buncha enjoyable people- I met them again @ the CAMP CARES Iftar.

Rafting was completely loopy. I am unable to swim, however this was so wild. It wasn’t fun being wet and chilly @ the top, however it was so value it. Also, earlier than that was the CAMP Annual Gala dinner, definitely value a point out. My crew mates decided we should always go to Wonderland, since I’ve never been there- and i ventured there for the first time this summer time in 5 years. It was fun. Vinit insisted I attempt bungee jumping with him- I would have, besides he isn’t a girl. So I did not. That was in August.

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  • 2007 IFBB All Star Pro Fitness Championships – third Place
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A couple of weeks earlier than Wonderland was a hospital SLRI employees picnic- and that i tried stilt-strolling! Very cool. I additionally performed soccer for the first time, really second- the first time was @ MAC Sports Day that I had helped organise. In any case, @ the following team assembly, it was embarassing to get comments about me enjoying nicely.

1200 for the MS Bike Tour. Thank you to all those that supported us. Our workforce was called Aqua Freeze, and we biked 55km for Multiple Sclerosis. First, all of the training! I’d cover between 5-30km via the week, divided into endurance, speed and reasonable days. One such trip was biking to Iqbal foods and back.

The opposite best part was that Sawitri and i had been the only hijabis in the race. We have been so happy with ourselves. Perhaps the only Muslims too. The Bike Tour was sooooooooo beautiful- I didn’t know there’s such a phenomenal area in the middle of Toronto! As we raced down the Gardiner, I thanked Allah (swt) for the chance.