Do YOU DO NOT HAVE Health Insurance? If you are an American, and you do not have health insurance, you alone are not. In late 2009, it was estimated that almost 46 million people in America do not have a health plan. Recent high unemployment figures never have made this figure any lower.

Some people lost their group health programs when they lost their job. Others are one-man shop or work for an ongoing company that will not offer group health. You will find alternative private health plans on the marketplace, but many people just cannot afford them, or they cannot get accepted by one.

While politicians haggle over the problems, sick people are experiencing trouble getting treatment. Are You Healthy or Ill? If you are extremely healthy, or if you currently have a health issue, you should seek coverage. It will be, of course, a lot easier to find affordable private health insurance if you are healthy. This way you can be prepared in case you need to do get sick or get hurt within an accident.

Even a straightforward trip to a crisis room for a broken bone can cost thousands of dollars. If you have already been harm or ill, it will be challenging to get it covered by private plans now. But even individuals who are already sick should be able to find some help.

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I hope to present some options for you. Under federal government law, some ongoing companies must prolong their group medical plan to terminated employees. This can be a good option for individuals who are between jobs. The only issue with it is the cost. Of just paying your worker contribution Instead, now you will likely also need to pay the whole superior amount. Many ex-employees are very surprised when they learn how much this is. If you lack major medical, and you are healthy fairly, you might find that a private medical plan is affordable pretty.

It is truly a misconception that group benefits are always cheaper than specific plans. Because insurers can underwrite each applicant, they might be able to offer lower rates for much healthier people actually. If you have an option to extend your group benefits (i.e. COBRA) or buy private coverage, make sure the new plan encourages you just, and that it shall cover services you will need. It is tough, for instance, to get individual plans that cover normal maternity. But if you are accepted, which most people in fairly good health should be, and the program satisfies your needs, you may be very pleased with having your own health plan.

Every US state has some sort of health plan for individuals who have a pre-existing medical condition that gets them declined for other coverage. In some states, these plans can be quite expensive though. That is a great option if you undertake to have savings or income, but just don’t have health insurance. If you cannot afford your prescription medicine, consult the Partnership for Prescription Assistance (PPARX).