I’ve had these two moisturizers for awhile now, but I wasn’t very good about using them daily to essentially test them out (which is why it’s used this long to get this review up). In this post I’ll give out my review on two moisturizers from Boots No. 7 — their Beautiful Skin Day Cream for Dry/Very Dry Skin and their Beautiful Skin Night Cream for Dry/Very Dry Skin.

Check out my review on both below, including all the product info, after all of the pics! Also, simply a quick notice: Boots No. day Cream and Evening Cream for those with Normal to Dry out skin 7 also offers the Beautiful Epidermis, and the ones with Normal to Oily epidermis. So if the Dry/Very Dry fails for you then check out their other variations (I might need to change to the Normal to Dry as the elements gets warmer). 13.99 (1.6 oz full size).

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A rich and intensive moisture cream to instantly nourish and offer hydration for 24 hours. Supplies the perfect foundation to help make-up go on while departing pores and skin looking and sense healthy and radiant flawlessly. Glycerin, shea butter and ceramides are added to the formulas to nourish dry and incredibly dry skin, leaving it incredibly smooth for all day moisturization.

With SPF 15 and wide spectrum UV protection, caring for the future of your skin. Hypo-allergenic and dermatologically tested. It has a thin, light consistency that spreads easily onto epidermis beautifully and absorbs. They have a light scent, which I can only just describe as slightly floral – and I actually really didn’t like the scent.

My skin has been a lot drier – actually, drier than it’s ever been – so switching to a formula specifically for dry/very dry skin was a risk for me as I’ve always been in the combo to greasy category. However, I don’t find this oily at all, or hydrating on my epidermis as it is overly.

Maybe if you do have oily skin you wouldn’t like this, but you could try out this same moisturizing just in the Normal to Oily version. While I did like the texture, I actually didn’t like applying this moisturizing because of the scent – but I know scents are subjective and a lot of individuals don’t mind a slightly floral scent.

It performs well though, so I think if this smelled better it would be utilized by me. I wouldn’t repurchase your day Cream, but I really do like the Night Cream better. 13.99 (1.6 fl oz full size). Instantly nourishes and promotes optimum hydration for healthy-looking glowing pores and skin, making it less inclined to be dry in the foreseeable future.

Containing additional moisturizing properties, this is exactly the care dried out skin needs overnight to ensure you wake up with nourished and healthy looking epidermis. Glycerin, shea butter and ceramides are put into the formula departing it incredibly smooth. Designed to work in harmony with your skin, replacing lost moisture and leaving you with healthy looking radiant skin. At first, This during the night – since how this is a night cream I only used.

Obviously, a Night Cream since this is, than the Day Cream in structure but still light-weight this is wider. It had a gel-like texture also, which I enjoy in a moisturizer because they glide onto your skin so nicely, feel good happening, and melt into skin beautifully. The scent situation continues to be a bit off with this – it type of smells like the Day Cream version but this was a much nicer/lighter fragrance. That’s one of the main reasons I began using that one over the Day Cream.