Bariatric Surgery Asked Questions Frequently

What if I have participated in a non-VA weight loss program but have no documentation for it? The VA requires documentation for just about any non-VA weight loss program, and this must be scanned into your electronic chart. If you do not have documentation, we advise that you join the MOVE! Weight reduction program for a minimum of 6 months.

How will i start the procedure to getting a bariatric surgery consult? When you have already met the essential qualifying requirements and are thinking about being considered for surgery, speak with your primary treatment provider to keep the process. If you’re uncertain whether you meet the basic qualifying requirements speak with a provider. How do you get enrolled in the MOVE!

Ask most of your care team member to refer you to your local MOVE! What if my primary care provider is not within the VA system? You need to be enrolled in the VA system to be able to reap the benefits of this service. When you enroll in the VA system you are automatically assigned to an initial care team who can help you navigate through the process of being referred for surgery.

How long will the procedure take to get surgery easily enroll in the MOVE! If you are progressing through MOVE! 5% goal, and are a non-smoker, you could potentially be equipped for surgery at the 6 month tag. What is required of me to surgery prior? You shall need medical clearance from most of your care provider. Several visits to see the nurse practitioner, dietitian, and clinical psychologist for evaluations, education, and counseling to get ready you for what things to expect after surgery. You will have an initial seek advice from visit with the bariatric nurse and surgeon practitioner, as well as an H&P (background and physical) and anesthesia appointment prior to surgery.

You will need blood work done or other assessments to clinically clear you for surgery. If you don’t live local to the Ralph H Johnson VA Medical Center, a good part of this is completed at your local site or over the telephone. We expect that non-local patients shall have to travel to Charleston, SC at least prior to their surgery time once.

Is it possible to regain weight even after having weight reduction surgery? Yes, it is possible to restore some or all of your weight pursuing weight reduction surgery. In order for bariatric surgery to do the job, you MUST commit to changing your daily diet and lifestyle for the others you will ever have.

Bariatric Surgery is merely an instrument to help you achieve your weight loss goals. How much weight may i be prepared to lose with bariatric surgery? Expected weight loss differs with respect to the kind of surgery you have. Typically, a compliant patient who undergoes the Roux-En-Y gastric bypass can get to lose 60-70% of EXCESS bodyweight.

  1. Pre- and Post-Surgical Diet plan for weight loss
  2. A good fitness plan starts gradually, allowing your body time to adapt
  3. Avoid ice creams
  4. 60 minute workouts may be inconvenient for some
  5. Egoscue Method
  6. Come with mostly positive online customer feedback, both for the merchandise and the manufacturer
  7. Time or money? Why you need both to be healthy
  8. Limit food intake to 1 site in the home

The compliant Sleeve Gastrectomy patient can get to reduce 50-60% of EXCESS bodyweight. The compliant gastric music group patient can expect to lose 40-50% of EXCESS body weight. How many days may i expect to maintain a healthcare facility after bariatric surgery? The average length of stay pursuing weight loss surgery is 2-3 times, it is rather individual to each patient however.

How long will I need to be out of work after surgery? Recovery following bariatric surgery depends upon the type of surgery you had largely, your age, and other medical issues, but runs from 2-6 weeks usually. Speak with the Bariatric Surgery Coordinator and surgeon for the most accurate and individualized estimation of expected time from work. Gets pregnant after bariatric surgery possible?