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It’s time for you to ring in the New Year! Which means celebrations, some vacation days maybe, and time to create your resolutions and motives for 2019. We’re to help make the resolution part a little bit easier here, with these five social media resolutions. We wish they’ll help support you and your business to visit from coasting to flourishing in 2019!

Sound familiar? You’re not by yourself in this struggle, but it really is an easy fix that can yield solid results. If you only do one thing to improve your social media presence, let it be this! Get into a consistent timetable with your content. Determine how many times a week you want to post on every system, stick to it then.

It’s time to clean up your act! But we’re not talking about literal dirt or even bad language. We’re discussing cleaning up your messaging and staying on brand. How would they respond? If you’re uncertain how to answer those questions, get the team and brainstorm together, so that you all know who your brand is precisely, and are all on the same page.

When you get specific on who your brand is, then all of your messaging should be aligned with that style and voice. And your core values should be communicated as a thread through all of your posts. Many businesses make the error of concentrating only on this content they’re placing out, plus they forget about participating and hooking up with their audience and prospective customers.

Don’t make this mistake! If it has been you, be the year of engagement let 2019. Head to your followers’ social media pages/accounts, like their photos, comment when appropriate, and do so regularly. Then go to potential followers’ pages/accounts and do the same, and you’ll see your own fans increase.

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On Instagram and Twitter, a highly effective way to find potential followers is to search using relevant hashtags. Something we often see whenever we start working with new companies is that they’re carrying out a multitude of accounts on the social media platforms, a lot of which aren’t connected to them or even to their business in virtually any significant way.

If that’s you, then it’s time to let some individuals go, as they say. Set up some time to undergo the set of who you’re following, and unfollow accounts that don’t seem sensible. For instance, if you’re a restaurant in Seattle and you’re carrying out a national shoe company. Perhaps you enjoy the shoes, day or they had a great post you liked so you randomly adopted them one.

That’s fine for your personal account of course, but it doesn’t really seem sensible in terms of your business. So go ahead and click “unfollow” and keep on filtering out superfluous accounts. We get by with just a little help from our friends. If you’re managing your company’s public media by yourself and are feeling overwhelmed, or if you’re working with a united team but are unsure whether you have the right knowledge involved, then it might be time to seek some help.

If you’re exceptional first issue (flying single), then talk to the power that be about how you could bring about other employees with public press management experience to share the load. If that isn’t a choice or you don’t think your team gets the necessary skills and expertise in the field, there are many outdoors options to consider.

A designated part-time employee can work well for you, or you could deal with an outside company to keep these things manage your sociable media. We admit that we’re biased, but also for the second option option, The Social Stage is a great solution! We’d be pleased to chat with one to see if we’d be a good fit for your needs. All the best with your SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING Resolutions, as well as with your other 2019 goals. From our Social Stage family to yours, we wish you an extremely Happy New Year!