Under Armour Reveals MyFitnessPal Data Breach Affecting 150 Million Users

Popular food and nutrition logging app MyFitnessPal, owned by Under Armour, has suffered a massive data breach. On March 25, 2018, we turned conscious that during February of this yr an unauthorized get together acquired knowledge related to MyFitnessPal user accounts. Under Armour says the data affected by this breach includes usernames, e-mail addresses, and hashed passwords.

The affected data included usernames, email addresses, and hashed passwords – the majority with the hashing function called bcrypt used to secure passwords. The affected information didn’t embody authorities-issued identifiers (equivalent to Social Security numbers and driver’s license numbers) because we don’t gather that information from customers. Payment card data was not affected because it’s collected and processed separately. On news of the breach, Under Armour stock is down by over 2 percent. You can learn all of the main points of the breach on the MyFitnessPal web site. For a lot of, that is one more reason Apple ought to add meal logging capabilities directly to its Health app.

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