IT Technological Change AROUND THE Impact Of Media And Entertainment Industry

Movies, music, television have long been the physical and mental conditioning free time, the main way to take pleasure from life. Movie fashion footsteps Modern times, with IT technology, with over a hundred years background of the film began a new development opportunity, several years with the invention of video games gradually merged ago. Nowadays, pay movies online downloads are becoming prosperous, and many network services company never bored.

Business travel is the perfect consumer market, both in the aircraft or in a hotel, so long as download movies from the Internet, you can play through the laptop. Expected cost of each video download and video local rental costs the same almost. Video rental business will eventually withdraw from the stage of history. With downloading music into the mainstream, downloading movies is the next spot inevitable.

Three years ago, American movie producer “20th Century Fox,” and the world’s largest Internet companies created the world CISCO Joins a landmark film in the history of the record? Towards the movie theater audience plays directly from the web to download films. Which means that the film digital the last link can be possible completely.

In theory, more than 80 years of background can end the period of movie film. However, a large proportion of people to the cinema to see movies is not absolutely all digital overnight thing. First, the broadcast and creation all digital films require huge sums of money. A digital movie player, the value of 100,000 U.S.

Second, the safety of copyright has not yet agreed. Thus, within a couple of years to check out the relatively low priced of movie film. IN THE UNITED STATES, Western Europe and Japan, and online entertainment on-demand services become more prosperous. Statistics show that only America in 2004 Christmas entertainment-on-demand services, online business revenue on more than one billion U.S.

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Since 2002, Hollywood, through the web to send digital video to the audience. Included in these are five major film studios announced the establishment of on-demand services (video-on-demand) a is, will provide the U.S. Internet surfers old and new movies. These five studios include: MGM, Viacom’s Paramount, Sony, Universal Studios, and America Online? Time Warner’s Warner Brothers. Furthermore, some major studios such as Disney, News Corp’s Twentieth Century Fox, have to provide video-on-demand service also, the price of the existing on-demand service between each video between 2-4 U.S.

Middle East region is a turbulence area because of instability associated with religion, oil, dictatorship, and developed countries’ impact. The Iraq war has devastated the complete region, and couple with the Israel, Palestinian, and Lebanese discord, which includes created further economic drawbacks that amount in vast amounts of dollars. The devastation of the infrastructures and the lost of lives have sent the overall economy of Lebanese country decades backwards. Development in Latin Americans countries could stem from agriculture, fishing and forestry, to mining, and manufacturing. These Latinos can help in building their countries than endeavoring to immigrate to United states rather.

If guided, they will improve their countries’ economy and assist in the marketing of agricultural, processing and other natural resources. Immigrants spend enough time in the continuing state of California farms, Illinois factories, North Carolina, and areas in the north east of United states working mostly in food sectors. These attempts can be redirected to Latin America to be able to develop the whole area. Political challenges, lack of administrative skills, and power supremacy have strangled the economic and market structure of most countries in Latin America.

For decades the Latinos have journeyed north of the border to United states searching for better lives. This financial situation has resulted in the mutilations and deaths of individuals trying to enter United States of America. The smugglers, who are known as the “coyotes” have made huge profits for attempting to transport these unlawful Latinos across the border. It’s very dangerous ventures because of the hot heat, train transport, unhygienic felt, inclement weather, lack of food, water, and other unfamiliar dangers along the road to the border.