Wil & Wig

I’ve been a negative blogger. I’ve lost my direction as it pertains to weight reduction, and so I’ve lost my desire to blog. But, a pleasant, supportive friend (Optifast Adventurer) said to me that it might be of some use to keep blogging during this time. She’s very smart, so I’m gambling she could be right.

It may help me clear a couple of things up in my own head. And it could help anyone reading to start to see the hard times that one may go through. Perhaps it might just make an added person feel not so alone. So, what’s been happening? 4M task to manage within my work. My normal gig there is certainly Document Control, but I’ve been one of those people that do what must be done, so I’ve experienced a lot of extra involvement in projects anyway. My company has realised the importance of allocating an individual person to oversee the tasks, and, in the lack of any one else to do it, they provided it to me.

  • Interchangeable rings
  • Organs and tissue: 10-15%
  • 3-4 Green Onions, diced
  • Watch movies
  • Women are more likely to bail than men
  • Technique class halts and starts does not indulge the aerobic system
  • A lack of energy or feeling unable to do simple jobs

It’s been a bit of a learning curve and a lot of extra work and responsibility. I have already been experiencing a lot of extra stress and anxiety. Initially, I decided to shift my focus from dieting to work for some time because I thought that working a bit harder at the moment would pay back for me. However, it really seems enjoy it won’t. So, that has caused me a lot more depression and anxiety actually. I haven’t had the opportunity to reunite on track. I type of haven’t wished to either. I’ve wanted to have a little of freedom from restriction for a while.

When I used to be on Optifast, I would tell myself which i didn’t need junk food to make me feel better. That it could only make me feel worse. And I used to be right. I know that it won’t make me feel better because every day while i eat it I feel worse.

It’s only those few moments when I’m placing food into my mouth area, nibbling and swallowing that Personally i think absent from concerns and sadness. But once it’s in my own stomach, new concerns and sadnesses too are there. I feel just like a useless addict. Personally i think such as a slave to something that is trying to kill me. I understand I’m not powerless. I know I am making options.

I am the one heading to the supermarket and purchasing hordes of key junk food to hide for myself. I do this because if my boyfriend and I buy junk food for the both of us, I will end up eating it all and he will get none. And then I’ll feel even more guilt. But, I really do feel addicted seriously. I feel sad when I make an effort to make a healthier choice. Like, I’m being torn away from my crutch.

I also feel lost. I don’t want to consume salads any longer. And I can’t think of more healthy foods to have easily readily available. I make soups, but I quickly bore of these. I’ve started Optifast so many mornings again. I’ll get right up and have a bar or a shake for breakfast.