What Song MUST I Sing FOR THIS?

I’m auditioning for belle from beauty and the bast for my college musical. What song should I sing for this? In my school we are doing beauty and the beast, and I’m auditioning for belle. What melody do you think would showcase my tone of voice best? I t can be any song, from the musical or not|||I agree, Reflection can be an amazing song.

Plus it would blow them away. It’s on Christina Aguilera’s “Genie in a Bottle” record.It certainly shows who you are if a melody is sung by you that represents you. Because expecially everyone will sing something from the play. Unless you know which one, sing a few for your loved ones and let them let you know which to use.

If you can, use a melody that you know what to (singing without music in your hand will empress people,) and move like your doing it in a show around. Usually casting doesn’t like songs from the same show so look for something similar from another show. Think about Under the Sea from Little Mermaid? It shows good range yet you don’t need to hold long notes.

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