Report Claims Misconduct By Palestine Refugee Agency Leaders

US officials have needed an investigation into a UN Palestinian aid agency after the married boss hired his sweetheart and flew her across the world in business course while his deputy used her position to hire her husband. 1.46bn) organisation for ‘personal gain’, an ethics survey concluded. Commissioner General of UNRWA Krahenbuhl appointed Maria Mohammedi in 2015 as a senior adviser in ‘an extreme fast-track’ process and collectively they flew throughout the world in business class.

Swiss-born Krahenbuhl, 53, the year before that ‘proceeded to go beyond the professional’ started a relationship with Mohammedi, created ‘a toxic environment’ and triggered ‘frequent embarrassment’. His deputy Sandra Mitchell is also accused of nepotism by promoting her spouse Robert Langridge to get deputy director at UNRWA’s Jordan field office, at the right time when the company experiencing a financing problems. The internal ethics office report found that an ‘inner circle’ of bosses at the organisation ‘engaged in sexual misconduct, nepotism, discrimination and abuses of authority’.

22.5m) of financing to the UN company. Pressure is now growing on Britain, the fourth highest donor to UNRWA, year gave almost £76million to pull its funding after it last. President Trump’s former UN envoy, Nikki Haley, said ‘this is exactly why we stopped their funding’, in a tweet posted yesterday evening. Jason Greenblatt, the US Mideast peace envoy, called for a full UN investigation into its agency. He tweeted: ‘We’re extremely concerned about UNRWA allegations.

There is certainly no intend to cripple the product or discontinue or “privatize” features – the very opposite is the case. We shall continue to develop significant new efficiency Open up Source, and desire to increase Open Source contributions from the community. It’s disconcerting to see people spreading unsubstantiated false rumors in this regard.

While I used to be writing this post, Janke wrote a Compiere position upgrade that addresses the problems I have defined above, and more. It really is worthy of reading for a more complete view of what ComPiere Inc. is doing with the business funding. Compiere is merely one attempt to create a complete ERP system under the open up source model.

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Open For Business (OFBiz) is another. ERP5 and Tiny ERP are others still. OpenMFG might be looked at as well, although its license is not open source truly. In addition, there are several open source CRM projects, most notably SugarCRM, which offers an open source version as well as a “professional” or commercial version.

Although open up source ERP has been attaining some ground, none of them of these tasks match the scale of open source attempts such as Linux, Apache, mySQL, or JBoss. It appears that the bigger one moves in the technology stack, the more specialized certain requirements and the narrower the development community. ERP applications, near the top of the stack, seems to be the most difficult market in which to sustain an open up source development effort. If this be the situation, then it would appear that the primary success factor is a crucial mass of developers.

ComPiere’s most significant asset, for me, is not Janke’s knowledge and experience as a developer–it is the 100 Partner organizations that are committed to extend, enhance, and support Compiere. Janke is right to devote a good chunk of his business funding to employ new developers (he indicated four new programmers added in the past couple of weeks, and a complete goal around 20 a season from now). His development staff’s top priority should be the rapid evaluation and incorporation of changes submitted by the Partner network.

Microsoft Analysis Services, part of Microsoft SQL Server, includes a number of services related to BI and data warehousing, including integration services and evaluation services. Analysis services includes a band of OLAP and data mining capabilities. Clear communication is the key to success and we hope the above mentioned helps ease some miscommunication pains in your business.