The Truth Will Set Us Free: May 2019

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It says you understand the need for using the english language to obviously communicate what you want to say. Using the English vocabulary properly is one of the very most basic steps in becoming successful in life in my opinion. Great hub. Voted up and useful. I try to create useful hubs as well.

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I hope you check out some of my writings on business management and management. You are pleasant htodd. Thanks for the comment! Stephanie – I loved placing this hub collectively and am delighted you find it useful. It’s great you have compiled so much about grammar in one spot. A whole lot of great and useful information.

This is fantastic, thanks for posting. You’re pleasant – thanks for reading and commenting. Years of teaching this stuff I’m afraid. Thanks for your appreciation. Wow, you know your stuff. Great hub and a good refresher for all of us scribblers. 8 years back from England I think? A good lesson on the English language!

Learning a thing or two on a regular basis makes me a rich man. Thanks for this post! I am pleased you find it so useful, cookibuq. Very well put. I am trying to teach my mum English guidelines. Secretmission – Thanks for your appreciative comment. Can you email me the name of the school in Sandwich where you will be using it for inset? As you asked permission so nicely, I don’t mind it being utilized as long as it is attributed to my copyright.

It would be nice to learn how useful the hub was to them. MartieCoeter – Thank you for reserve marking this hub. I love the British Vocabulary and I am pleased that you think it is so useful really. I definitely can relate to this being a teacher (well headteacher) myself. This will be very helpful for my staff. CAN I be so vibrant concerning ask your authorization to use it within an inset day?

I’ve bookmarked that one! For us who have to write in English – not our mother-tongue – this hub is like a crash-course. Thank you for taking the right time to put together it. It did have a while to place it all together, many thanks for commenting. That is a very educational hub.Plenty of work done here.Thank you for sharing.Are you a teacher?