Marketing Your Own Perfume

Yesterday I had been talking to a female in a little clothing boutique. I had formed taken her for a sales clerk — which she was — but, when she started talking, she exposed that she was a lot more. This lady acquired went to a rural college for fashion marketing and was now used in a rural fashion boutique in a college town — a town in which she had grown up. She had no interest in living or working in a huge city.

In addition to her responsibility as a sales clerk, she also was responsible for purchasing and showing the merchandise — women’s clothes, generally. This boutique happens to be a magnet for women (such as my partner) who want for clothes that are a little more popular and unique than those within the shopping mall stores.

Now in this boutique, soaps and a few ornamental items were on screen, but no perfume. Could they sell perfume? Would they sell perfume? But wait. There is certainly more. It will not do you worthwhile to have a store screen your perfume unless that screen can make sales. Making a display that will sell your perfume continues to be up to you. This, unhappily, is the largest challenge that confronts the independent perfume maker.

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Any store will be happy to display your perfume if it’s making money to them. A “hook” is more than just a nice looking screen. How will you do it? Perhaps you don’t. Perchance you enlist the help of a person who is very smart at developing sales gimmicks. But when you can together put this all, it is an opportunity for you. By the real way, did I mention that the woman in the boutique hopes to own her own boutique some day and has used this job, partly, to get essential experience? I believe I will go back and speak to her even more. This time, about perfume!

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