Hunt And Johnson ‘out Of Touch’ With Scotland, Sturgeon Says

The Conservative party leadership race demonstrates that Scotland is on a “different political route” to all of those other UK, according to Scotland’s first minister. Jeremy Hunt and Boris Johnson ‘re going head-to-head to end up being the next Tory leader and prime minister. Both men say they are ready to leave europe without a deal. At the Royal Highland Show, Nicola Sturgeon told BBC Scotland both candidates were “out of touch” with mainstream opinion in Scotland.

Supporters of both Mr Hunt, the foreign secretary, and previous London mayor Mr Johnson say they’ll unite the nationwide country. On Thursday The pair won the most support in the ultimate round of voting among Tory MPs, which saw Environment Secretary Michael Gove eliminated. They shall now both visit a ballot of the wider account of the Traditional party.

Ms Sturgeon said the leadership contest – which has been dominated by discussions on Brexit – highlighted stark differences between Scotland and the UK on the issue. A complete of 51.9% of UK voters opted to leave in the EU referendum in 2016, however the figure was much lower in Scotland where only 38% voted in favour of Brexit. Ms Sturgeon referred to both leadership competitors as “hard line Brexiteers” and warned that the risk of a “catastrophic no offer” was increasing. But she said the Scottish authorities would do “everything inside our power” to avoid it. Of course, you will see variations of opinion in might know about do about this. Boris is a proven entity when he was mayor of London, a city of nine or 10 million people.

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